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  • John P. Sullivan

    John P. Sullivan, Psy.D. (”™93) is a University Psychologist at the University of Rhode Island Counseling Center.   He is the Coordinator of athletic counseling/sport psychology outreach services to the NCAA Division I student-athletes at the University of Rhode Island, he graduated from Niagara in 1993 with a double major in psychology and mass communications.  Following     his undergraduate work he earned a M.S. in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Athletic Counseling/Sport Psychology from Springfield College.  His doctoral work was completed at the University of Hartford where he earned a M.A. and Psy.D. (Doctorate in Psychology) in Clinical Psychology.   The early academic and clinical journey was focused on developing an initial/proper specialization on Sport/Performance Psychology while in his later graduate work continuing to build on traditional areas of the science.  His other interests and areas of expertise are focused in the neuroscience of psychotherapy, treatment/diagnosis of personality disorders, Short-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, clinical training issues, and teaching/mentoring in the science of psychology.  He completed his APA approved pre-doctoral internship at Broughton Hospital in Morganton North Carolina.  Broughton Hospital is  one of four North Carolina state hospitals serving three-quarters of the states mental health population.  While completing his pre-doctoral internship he also engaged in an outpatient rotation two days”™ weekly working children and families in Asheville, North Carolina.  Dr. Sullivan has worked as a mental health professional for eleven years and provided professional services to a variety of populations including geriatrics, adults, adolescents, and children.  He has provided clinical care to diverse populations in a variety of settings (inpatient, partial hospital, community mental health, college counseling centers, and private practice).   He  has served extensively as a consultant, practitioner, lecturer (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate), and researcher in the areas of Clinical, Counseling, Organizational, Sport, Performance, and Experimental Psychology.

    In the late summer of 2001 he started a position at the University of Rhode Island”™s Counseling Center as generalist to work with the student body and also as a specialist to start a Sport Psychology/Athletic Counseling program for NCAA Division I athletes.  His program is one of only twenty comprehensive programs in the nation that attends to the psychological, developmental, and performance issues of student-athletes.  He works collaboratively with student-athletes, faculty, staff, athletic administrators, sport medicine personnel, and coaches to provide these services.  In only its fourth year the program has grown with increasing utilization and prominence in the state and New England region.  Within the first year of the programs existence Dr. Sullivan received an inquiry for services from beyond the University and landed a contract with a major professional sports organization.

    Since that time he has become the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Clinical & Sports Consulting Services ( a consulting practice focusing on providing advisement, direct sport/performance/clinical services, and assessment/research to Professional, Olympic, Collegiate, High School, and youth athletes.  Additionally, he has worked with other life performers including those in medicine, business, higher education, and the performing arts.  Not only has he worked with individuals but he also works with organizations and systems on issues related to performance and mental health issues (e.g.: universities, community colleges, professional sports organizations, youth sports organizations, manufacturing companies, financial firms, and the technology industry).  Since 2002, the consulting practice”™s home has been at the International Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame (  Dr. Sullivan has worked with an assortment of sports since 1993 including archery, basketball, baseball, biathlon, board sailing, bowling, cycling, equestrian, football, golf, lacrosse, marital arts, rowing, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, triathlon and volleyball (indoor & beach).  He is currently working on a series of books related to performance enhancement and educational videos on drug use in sport.  The videos are a collaborative effort with HRM video ( and his consulting firm taking a motivational interviewing/prevention approach to issues of alcohol use among high school and college athletes.  He will actively take part in production, being an on-screen expert, and writing the education curriculum.  Dr. Sullivan has also involved himself in research/prevention/treatment models focusing on occupational burnout for sport professionals (coaches, sports medicine personnel, etc).  He remains active in presenting at professional conferences and recently was invited to speak at the combined Rhode Island and Massachusetts Athletic Trainers Conference, where he presented on two topics:  Psychological Factors of Athletic Injury  and Sport Psychology Solutions to Occupational Burnout:  Athletic Trainers are Performers!

    Dr. Sullivan currently resides in Newport, Rhode Island where he remains active in his loves of running, cycling, and taking in the sights and sounds of Newport, historically the nation”™s first seaside resort.

  • Dr. Tim Belavich

    Dr. Tim Belavich ('92), is a Senior Psychologist Supervisor for the California Department of Corrections,  working at the California State Prison at S an Quentin. Dr. Belavich graduated from Niagara University summa cum laude with a double major in psychology and French in 1992. He attended Bowling Green State University's Clinical Psychology Program from 1992 until 1997. During his time at Bowling Green he completed a Master's thesis and dissertation on the role of religion in coping with life stressors. His clinical interests were in the area of behavioral medicine and geropsychology. In 1997 he accepted an internship in Health Psychology at the Westside VA in Chicago, Illinois. After the completion of his internship in 1998 he accepted a post-doctoral fellowship in Physical Medicine & Geropsychology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. During his fellowship he also served at a research consultant on a 5 year federally funded NIH grant at Cook County Hospital. Upon completion of his fellowship Dr. Belavich accepted a position with Rehabilitation Associates of the Midwest which provided psychological assessment and services to patients hospitalized in acute and subacute hospital facilities sponsored by the Sisters of the Resurrection, Chicago's largest Catholic Healthcare Network.

    In April 2001, Dr. Belavich relocated to San Francisco, California to accept a position as a staff psychologist at California State Prison at San Quentin. San Quentin is California's oldest state prison and currently houses approximately 6000 inmates, including 600 condemned prisoners. His position entailed assessment of inmates newly arrived into the prison as well as brief therapy and crisis intervention. In December 2002 he was appointed to the position of Senior Psychologist Supervisor at San Quentin, a position he holds today. At the time of his appointment he was the youngest Senior Psychologist in the California Department of Corrections. His current responsibilities include supervision of treatment programs for the  approximately 900 inmates who are involved in mental health programs. He is also responsible for San Quentin's new computer tracking system which connects the prison to California's other 32 prisons. This system tracks the mental health histories and care of the 150,000 individuals currently under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Corrections.

  • Cynthia Stappenbeck

    Cynthia Stappenbeck, M.A. ('00). Cindy spent two years as a lab assistant in Dr. Osberg's clinical psychology lab and a year in Dr. Burt Thompson's cognitive psychology lab before graduating in 2000.  She completed her masters degree in psychology at the University at Buffalo in 2002 and then continued her work at the Research Institute Institute on Addictions in Buffalo.  During her time at Niagara, UB and the RIA, Cindy accumulated extensive research experience which culminated in numerous convention presentations and several publications. In the fall of 2003, Cindy applied to several Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology across the country.  She raised her GRE scores to an impressive level, and coupled with her research experience, became a widely sought candidate. Cindy received 9 offers of interviews and accumulated many frequent flyer miles during the interview process. She was accepted into most of these programs, and faced the difficult decision of choosing between programs such as Rutgers, Syracuse, UB, Virginia Commonwealth, etc, before deciding to accept the offer at the highly ranked University of Texas at Austin.

    Cindy shared her post-NU trek into a prestigious clinical psychology program with current psychology students at NU as keynote speaker at the Psi Chi Banquet in April 2004 (see photo). She graciously assembled a very informative handbook detailing the strategies that helped her gain acceptance into highly competitive Ph.D. programs. After a successgul cross-country relocation, Cindy began her first year at UT-Austin in the fall of 2004.

Alumni Updates

  • 2/11/08 - Michele (Kamas) Kicior (''04)

    Michele and her husband, Nick, welcomed Kaden Jospeh Kicior to the world. He was born on 12/12/07.
  • 2/7/08 - Dr. Jack Brull ('87)

    Jack recently completed his doctoral degree (Psy.D.) in school psychology from St. John”™s University. His dissertation examined the relationship between therapist verbal response modes, the therapeutic alliance and in-session client good moments in non self referred adolescent psychotherapy populations.
  • 10/26/04 - Dr. Tim Belavich ('92)

    On June 1, Tim was promoted to Chief Psychologist and Mental Health Program Director at San Quentin Correctional Facility.
  • 9/23/04 - Paul Harrigan ('97)

    Paul recently accepted a one year position at the Miami, FL Veterans Medical Center where, in his words he can "make good money, serve the veterans, and finish the dissertation" at the counseling psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Miami.
  • 9/22/04 - Jenna Hillman ('03)

    Jenna recently started her second year in the Psy.D. program at Adler University in Chicago.  She began is currently undertaking a psychological assessment practicum at a residential facility for juvenile sex offenders as well.
  • 9/20/04 - Tara Allen ('03)

    Tara recently completed her masters project at Edinboro University in PA and plans on undertaking an internship in the Buffalo area.
  • 9/12/04 - Julie Pettapiece ('01)

    Julie is about to begin data collection for her doctoral dissertation in the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  She currently works half time at a clinic as a child and adolescent therapist.  She plans to apply for her clinical internship this fall.
  • 9/1/04 - Michele Kamas ('04)

    Michele has started the masters in counseling program at St. Bonaventure University.
  • 9/1/04 - Kari Nelson ('04)

    Kari has started the masters in clinical psychology program at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.
  • 8/26/04 - Kevin Swartout ('02)

    Kevin has worked for Eckerd Youth Alternatives in Boomer, NC for two years and has been promoted twice ("I'm officially a Master Counselor now"). He plans to attend grad school next fall and is applying to PhD programs in Social Psychology.
  • 8/26/04 - Wanda Salerno ('98)

    Wanda is currently a school counselor at Niagara Street Elementary School in Niagara Falls.
  • 8/9/04 - Tracey Garner ('02)

    Tracey recently accepted a job with Niagara in the Admissions office and will be starting on my masters in January in counseling here at NU.  She "love(s) being back on campus."
  • 6/7/04 - Denise Phillips ('03)

    Denise is scheduled to start her practicum in the fall at Canisteo High School. She will be in the school for two full days in the fall and then will be there full time in the Spring. She is looking forward to working in the schools.
  • 5/10/04 - Dr. Gina Aguayo ('98)

    5/10/04. Gina successfully defended her dissertation on April 27. She also accepted a postdoc position at the Bedford VA in Massachusetts and will be working in outpatient mental health. She is looking forward to living near Boston and continuing her training within the VA system.
  • 4/1/04 - Erin Welch ('03)

    Erin will be completing a diagnostic practicum at Triology, Inc., which is an outpatient community mental health center serving seriously and persistently mentally ill adults.  Many of the clients have substance abuse disorders and Axis II disorders.
  • 3/6/04 - Paul Shaw ('85)

    Paul completed his Ph.D. in biological psychology at the University of Chicago in 1996. He recently took the position of Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
  • 3/4/04 - Julie Pettapiece ('01)

    Julie is completing her third year in the Ph.D. clinical psychology program at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She happily reports successfully passing her preliminary exams and the development of a dissertation topic. She will present her masters thesis data at the Society for Research in Adolescence in Baltimore this month.
  • 2/23/04 - Danielle Poland ('99)

    Currently in the Ph.D. program at Kent State, Danielle will intern in clinical psychology at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Buffalo this fall.
  • 11/12/03 - Paula Miller ('02)

    Paula has just accepted a new position as a Case Manager at Whitehaven Southwest Mental Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 11/10/03 - Shannon Allport ('99)

    Shannon reports that she has begun her dissertation and has registered for her last class in her PsyD program at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. She is currently placed in a psychotherapy practicum as well.
  • 9/1/03 - Gina Aguayo ('98)

    Gina was married last December to NU alum Matt Danihy.  She and Matt recently moved from  Albany to Syracuse where Gina begins her one year internship at the Syracuse VA Medical Center this month.  She is collecting her dissertation data and hopes to finish by May 2004
  • 8/17/03 - Julie Pettapiece ('01)

    Julie successfully defended her masters thesis entitled, "The effect of mentoring and life skills training programs on at-risk children and adolescents." She completed an internship as a child and adolescent therapist and moves into her third year in the PhD clinical psychology program at Southern Illinois University. Julie will intern at the University's Clinical Center this year and she looks forward to completing her prelim exams in January.
  • 8/13/03 - Theresa Ditlow ('02)

    Theresa recently accepted a position as assistant softball coach at Bucknell University and plans to apply this fall to PsyD programs with a possible certificate in Sports Psychology.
  • 8/8/03 - Jessica Englert ('00)

    Jessica will enter the Ph.D. program in Counseling at the University at Buffalo this fall. She had received her masters degree at Buffalo and has been working on health psychology research at the Roswell Park cancer center. Jessica chose to accept Buffalo's offer over another so that she could continue her work at Roswell. One study she is involved with seeks to mitigate the cognitive decline that can occur among bone marrow transplant patients. She hopes to become a specialist in pediatric health psychology.  Jessica will also continue teaching the course in Personality this year at Niagara. If all of these involvements don't keep her busy, her new role of being a homeowner likely will!
  • 7/25/03 - Cassie Lindstrom ('03)

    Cassie just accepted a position as a counselor with Transitional Services in Buffalo. She will apply to graduate programs in clinical psychology this fall.
  • 7/22/03 - Melissa Hall ('03)

    Melissa is currently working as a counselor at the Boys Club in Niagara Falls.  She is especially gratified that the skills learned during her internship working with abused children have been useful in her current work. Melissa will be applying to school and clinical psychology graduate programs this fall.
  • Alicia Doerflinger ('99)

    Dr. Peter Butera with psychology alum Alicia Doerflinger ('99) at the meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior in Santa Cruz, CA (August, 2002). Alicia presented the results of her master's thesis research that she recently completed at Purdue University.
  • Julie Pettapiece ('01)

    Dr. Tim Osberg and alum Julie Pettapiece ('01) present their research on MMPI-A correlates of discipline problems in high school students, coauthored with Drs. Joanne Basta and Mark Peters, at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Chicago (August, 2002). Julie is moving into her second year in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.
  • 1/4/03 - Kevin Swartout ('02)

    Kevin currently is a counselor for Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc. in North Carolina, an organization that serves at risk youth.
  • 12/02/02 - Rohna Harrison (''01)

    Rohna is a foster care case worker for Angel Guardian Child and Family Services in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys her work very much.
  • 11/20/02 - Bryna Schneidman ('01)

    Bryna is currently enrolled in the masters clinical psychology program at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. She's feeling déjà vu as the school's colors are purple and white.
  • 11/12/02 - Lisa Uhrich ('97)

    Lisa received her MSW at the University at Buffalo in 1999.  She is a social worker at Gateway-Longview and works with teenage boys in group home and residential settings.  She very much enjoys her work with this population and feels she has found her "niche."
  • 9/23/02 - Kelly Coleman Leader (Dec. '98)

    Kelly received her M.A. in School Psychology from the University at Buffalo in May 2002.  She is employed in Children's Hospital's Early Childhood Program and performs cognitive and psychological assessments on pre-school children 3-5 years of age for use in treatment planning. She feels her training at NU prepared her well for graduate school and her career.

Graduation List

  • 2008

    Rachael Marie Avino
    Elizabeth Anne Campbell
    Jamie Loren Constantz
    Elizabeth Anne Cosgrove
    Gail Crossman
    Taryn Nicole Edmondson
    Taylor Davis
    Kristi Dempski
    Carissa R. Farina
    Kathleen A. Fox
    Katherine L. Gates
    Richard Gubala
    Sabrina Hartman
    Melissa Heldwein
    Jillian R. Hood
    James Kurtz
    Stephanie Ann Langston
    Michael J. Laucello Jr.
    Kenneth R. Lenfest
    Molly Lynn Lizzio
    Daniel J. Loucy
    Amanda C. Mallwitz
    Meghan Siobhan McDonough
    Michael James Ross
    Migdalia Santos
    Kimberly Lynn Savannah Silla
    Carolyn Skaros
    Janet Gail Sledziewski
    Bethanne Hannon Stutz
    Michael T. Szarszewski
    John Richard Temperato
    Elizabeth Whistler
  • 2007

    Megan Elizabeth Addy
    Jacquelyn E. Cary
    Kelly Lee Colangelo
    Heather Lynn Collins
    Danielle Christine DeMunda
    Anne-marie Grimm
    Catherine Michelle Holycross
    Kristina Katherine Howard
    Stacey Irene Howard
    Kristin LeAnn Kasperek
    Jodi Lynn Kennis
    Janelle Renee King
    Adam Vincent Edward Lock
    Jacob Carl Long
    Elizabeth Anne Mariano
    Maggie Mairsile O”™Hara
    Julianne Marie Prokopich
    Tatyana Sapaleva
    Matthew Robert Scheuer
    Paul William Schmitz
    David M. Schug
    Jessica L. Stahlman
    Andrew Robert Swanson
    Sarah E. Sylvester
    Kelly Lynn Thomson
    Adrienne Lynn West
    Elaine M. Zamojski
  • 2006

    Victoria J. Bachman
    Nathan Eugene Baker
    Julie Alexis Cosentino
    Teresa Marie Cristiano
    Rebecca M. Culp
    Melissa Dengler
    Demetria Doukas
    Diane Colleen Dudziak
    Amy Grace Giacometti
    Danielle Nicole Grenier
    Katie E. Guinther
    Mary Ann Honors
    Peter J. Hubbard
    Jenna L. Hurd
    Kristie Lynn Jankowski
    Daniel Adam Lawson
    Kimberly Marie Librera
    Michelle Elizabeth LoFurno
    Ashley Lauren Lucci
    Jessica K. Mahoney
    Keisha Denise Manning
    Elizabeth G. Mietlicki
    Shannon Lynn Mongalise
    Kristina E. Parker
    Amanda Michelle Patterson
    Julianne C. Payne
    Michelle L. Rechin
    Bryan M. Rotella
    Meilyn Ruiz
    Aaron M. Sabatini
    Anna C. Santini
    Erica J. Schebell
    Chelsea E. Smith
    Kathryn Elizabeth Steigerwald
    Maria Catherine Stockings
    Nina Marie Vandette
  • 2005

    Kimberly Adams
    Tracy Butler
    Amanda Chapman
    Kendra Daigler
    Greg Dean
    Michelle DeSimone
    Danielle Douglas
    Christine Engasser
    Lisa Ewald
    Stephanie Geier
    Glenn Gwozdek
    Erin Haseley
    Melissa Holovics
    Nicole Huber
    Jaime Johnson
    Lindsay Komm
    Daniel LaRosa
    Tricia Manarino
    Amy McCalister
    Meghan Miller
    Lindsay Morse
    Kathleen O'Brien
    Eileen Palmer
    Diana Pilarski
    Kathleen Roche
    Kathryn Rotolo
    Dana Salvo
    Justin Shavalier
    Alexandria Smith
    Tracy Stange
    Jennifer Strasser
    Lora DeWitt teBoekhorst
    Janelle Tona
    Kristen Yacono
  • 2004

    Sara Annalora
    Alexandra Bergman
    Nicole Boerdner
    Jessica Breunig
    Michelle DeSimone
    Michelle Dipaola
    Nicole Dunbar
    Carla Fasso
    Erin Harper
    Debra Henderson
    Cory Hussar
    Michelle Kamas
    Danielle Kelliher
    Brian Marianetti
    Brendan McDermott
    Katie McNamara
    Kyle Morgan
    Kari Nelson
    Christina Pagano
    Wendy Putt
    Nevia Ramos
    Matthew Smith
    Sarah Telatnik
    Craig Waldeck
    Amanda Young
  • 2003

    Tara Allen
    Steven Bulger
    Robert Bumbaco
    Joseph Dubay
    Robin Green-Liddell
    Melissa Hall
    Jamie Heftka
    Jenna Hillman
    Sarah Jordan
    Roberta Keil
    Megan Kelly
    Cassie Lindstrom
    Daniel O'Neill
    Stacey Petit
    Denise Phillips
    Tanya Poeller
    Lisa Scarciotta
    Michael Spin
    Katie Sullivan
    Katherine Swarthout
    Sarah Tabone
    Jennifer Teal
    Claire Towey
    Monica Wagner
    Erin Welch
  • 2002

    Rebecca Baio
    Christina Barauskas
    Valerie Basinait
    Tara Blaisdell
    Sarah Brown
    Benjamin Burson
    Maida Ciciarelli
    Ashleigh Cirilla
    Jennifer Constantino
    Rachelle DiMatteo
    Theresa Ditlow
    Terence Fassanella
    Tracey Garner
    Jennifer Griffith
    Sarah Hanny
    Kristin Kocsis
    Andrew Kujawa
    Rhona Larcher
    Shannon Law
    Kelly Marolf
    Sean McManus
    Paula Miller
    Christopher Mooney
    Kari Moorhead
    Jamie O”™Grady
    Julie Rathman
    Gretchen Rauch
  • 2001

    Suzanne Alvarez
    Jenny Baird
    Eric Bilson
    Mary Cutia
    Rachel Daviau
    Stacy Gallagher
    Kara Grooms -
    Victoria Hamm
    Rohna Harrison
    Emily Lorenz
    Michael Makula
    MaryEllen Mercer -
    Deanna Monteith
    Megan Opera
    Sara Peltz
    Julie Pettapiece
    Sarah Piskor
    Christina Polino
    Allison Polizzi
    Rebecca Przystal
    Bryna Schneidman
    Melissa Stano
  • 2000

    John Barnett
    Erica Blackman
    Jennifer Blackmar
    Timothy Bronson
    Angela Cardone
    Sarah Drasgow
    Jessica Englert
    Timothy Hartman
    Janice Harvey
    Yvonne Isom
    Dennis LaLonde
    Brandon Lee
    Darren McDougall
    Kimberly Nappo
    Kelly O”™Connell
    Dawn Romagnola
    Yolanda Sanchez
    Cynthia Stappenbeck
    Kelly Sutliffe
    Steven Tallides
    Jasmine Williams
  • 1999

    Allport, Shannon
    Baker, Paula
    Bowden, Jennifer
    Brenon, Nicole
    Bulson, Sara
    Coleman, Kelly
    Czapla, Jennifer
    DePrima, Gina
    Dingwall, Sandra
    Doerflinger, Alicia
    Gialto, Nicole
    Gress, Christie
    Hast, Sara
    Hurlburt, Jaime
    Majors, Gretchen
    Mance, Fran
    Murray, Nicole
    Poland, Danielle
    Provino, Kari
    Roberts, Catherine
    Sloan, Jerry
    Triplet, Joseph
    Weygandt, Scott
  • 1998

    Abdullah, Hassan
    Aguayo, Gina
    Betters, Mary Ellen
    Bunnell, Sharon
    Clayton, Judith
    Evans, Sarah
    Finnerty, Todd
    Hanford, Casterdell
    Iannarelli, Andrea
    Lynch, Patricia
    Montgomery, Daniel
    Pearce, Heather
    Poullos, Tiffany
    Salerno, Wanda
    Santos, Samantha
    Seabrook, William
    Such, Kelly
    Symmonds, Jamie
  • 1997

    Adamczyk, Kristine
    Harrigan, Paul
    Hiney, Kerry
    Kreiger, Melissa
    Mastrella, Frank
    McCarthy, Sean
    Montanari, Andrea
    Moran, Timothy
    Ornitz, Sheri
    Patterson, Holly
    Prygon, Denise
    Reid, Lisatta
    Rich, Latrica
    Rieger, Diane
    Uhrich, Lisa
  • 1996

    Abbott, Nicole
    Bergen, Sara
    Corcoran, April
    DelVecchio, Anthony
    Flynn, Allyson
    Gruszka, Kimberly
    Hoffmeister, Kathie
    Martinez, Micaela
    Morello, Marie
    Ornella, Stephen
    Pericelli, Deborah
    Peterson, Julie
    Rautenstrauch, Karl
    Thomas, Melissa
    Tibollo, Gregory
    Waters, Cristina

Ebert Award Winners

  • 2007 - Adrienne West

  • 2006 - Melissa Dengler

  • 2005 - Erin Haseley

  • 2004 - Kari Nelson

  • 2003 - Denise Phillips

  • 2002 - Kari Moorhead

  • 2001 - Julie Pettapiece

  • 2000 - Steven J. Tallides

  • 1999 - Danielle L. Poland

  • 1998 - Patricia A. Lynch

  • 1997 - Paul J. Harrigan

  • 1996 - Julie A. Peterson, Karl R. Rautenstrauch

  • 1995 - Theresa A. Burke

  • 1994 - Mary Jo Manzi, Katherine Nelson

  • 1993 - Andrea DiGiorgio

  • 1992 - Linda A. Polinski, Todd J. Walter

  • 1991 - Elaine M. Flynn

  • 1990 - Jennifer L. Murdock

  • 1989 - Theresa Gannon

  • 1988 - Donald L. Bojens

  • 1987 - Dawn Pillitieri

  • 1986 - Henry W. Chapman

  • 1985 - Betty J. Lamb, Christopher E. Reilly

Alumni with Doctorates

  • Alumni with Doctorates

    NameNU Grad Yr.Program/Degree
    Dr. Joanne Basta1984  SUNY Buffalo/Ph.D. (Math Ed.)
    Dr. Maureen Dasey-Morrales1984SUNY Albany/Ph.D.  (Couns. Psy)
    Dr. Michael McCann   1984SUNY Albany/Ph.D. (Couns. Psy)
    Dr. Christopher Reilly1985Bowling Green/Ph.D. (Indust. Psy)
    Dr. Paul Shaw1985Univ. of Chicago/Ph.D (Biological Psych.)
    Dr. Henry Chapman1986Alfred Univ. (Psy.D)
    Keith Roseboro, J.D. 1986SUNY Buffalo Law School/J.D.
    Dr. Jack Brull  1987St. John's University/PsyD (School Psych.)
    Dr. Dawn Bradway1989Connecticut/Ph.D. (Genetics)
    Dr. Theresa Gannon1990Temple/Ph.D. (Clinical Psy)
    Dr. Myra McNaughton1990Capella Univ. Educ. Psych. Ph.D.
    Dr. Sheila Moody1991Syracuse University/1997 (School Psy)
    Dr. Timothy Belavich1992Bowling Green/Ph.D. (Clinical Psy)
    Dr. Bryan Aldrich1993Parker College of Chiropractic/D.C.
    Dr. John Sullivan1993U. of Hartford/ Psy.D. Clinical
    Doreen (DeJoseph) Hoffman, J.D. 1994SUNY Buffalo Law/J.D.
    Dr. Todd Walter   1994Ph.D. Florida/2001(Couns. Psy)
    Andrew Good1995Univ. Denver/PsyD.
    Dr. Paul Harrigan1997Miami/Ph.D. Cand. (Couns. Psy)
    Melissa Krieger   1997U.Western Mich./Ph.D. Cand(Clin Psy)
    Dr. Gina Aguayo1998SUNY Albany/Ph.D. 2004 (Couns. Psy)
    Dr. Todd Finnerty   1998Forest Inst./Psy.D. (Clin Psy)
    Patti Lynch  1998Virginia Commonwealth/Ph.D. Cand (Dev)
    Diane Rieger1998Syracuse/Ph.D. Candidate (Counseling)
    Fran Mance1999SUNY Buffalo Law/J.D.
    Joseph Triplet1999NY College of Chiropractic Medicine/D.C.
    Dr. Danielle Poland   1999Kent State/Ph.D. 2005 (Clin Psy)
    Gretchen Majors   1999Florida/Ph.D. Cand. (School Psy)
    Dr. Shannon Allport1999ISPP/Psy.D. 2008 (Clin Psy)
    Dr. Alicia Doerflinger   1999Purdue/ Ph.D 2005 (Neuroscience)
    Jessica Englert2000SUNY Buffalo/Ph.D. Cand. (Couns. Psy)
    Dawn Romagnola2000Pepperdine Univ./Psy.D. Cand. (Clin Psy)
    Cindy Stappenbeck2000U. Texas-Austin/Ph.D. Cand. (Clin. Psy)
    Michelle Good (Psy minor) 2001Pace University-Manhattan/Psy.D. (Clin Psy)
    Dr. Julie Pettapiece2001S.Illinois/Ph.D. 2005 (Clin Psy)
    Ashleigh Cirrila2002Villanova Law/J.D. Candidate
    Gretchen Rauch2002Hofstra University Law/ J.D. Candidate
    Molly Remito2002LaSalle University/Psy.D. Cand  (Clin)
    Dr. Jenna (Hillman) Symons 2003Adler School Chicago/Psy.D.  (Clin)
    Cassie Lindstrom 2003UNC-Charlotte, Ph.D. Cand. (Clin. Health Psych)
    Erin Welch2003Argosy Univ. Chicago/Psy.D. Cand  (Clin)
    Michelle DiPaola 2004Argosy Univ. Chicago/Psy.D. Cand  (Clin)
    Erin Haseley 2005Central Michigan University/Ph.D. Cand. (Clin)
    Melisa Holovics 2005U. of Texas at Arlington/ Ph.D. Cand. (Exper Psy)
    Melissa Dengler2006U. of Georgia/Ph.D. Cand. (Dev. Psych.)
    Mary Ann Honors 2006Purdue Univ./Ph.D. Cand. (Behav. Neuroscience)
    Michelle Lofurno 2006U. of Hartford/Psy.D. Cand. (Clinical)
    Jessica Mahoney 2006Argosy Univ. Tampa /Psy.D. Cand. (Clinical)
    Elizabeth Mietlicki 2006Univ. at Buffalo/Ph.D. Cand. (Beh. Neuroscience)
    Adrienne West 2007Central Michigan/Ph.D. Cand. (Clinical)