Mission and Goals

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The Department of Psychology is focused on preparing students for graduate school, professional school, or the work force. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for diverse careers involving the application of principles of human behavior to the betterment of humankind. Students are provided ample opportunities to become involved in faculty research and to gain hands on experience through a variety of practicum or co-op placements.


The subject matter of psychology, rooted in the facts of experience and behavior, has a strong linkage with the biological and social sciences. Psychology also shares the concerns and issues of the arts and humanities because they, like psychology, deal with human experience, feelings and motivations. By approaching its subject matter as problems of scientific investigation, psychology can help students of the arts and humanities better understand the issues and problems they encounter. Thus, Psychology's curriculum, and the student learning outcomes it supports, introduces students to a comprehensive (and interdisciplinary) body of knowledge, helps to encourage students to develop powers of discrimination and judgment, and contributes to the holistic education of the student that is central to the University's Mission. By providing students with opportunities for field experience in the local community and research experience that can lead to participation in scientific meetings, Psychology's student learning outcomes reflect another part of the university's mission and motto: "that all may know you."