Prospective Students

Do you need some help and extra time to choose a major? 

The advisors in the Academic Exploration can give you the support you need. 

Students select the Academic Exploration Program (AEP) as their major upon application to the university (choose “Undecided” within the Common Application). Students may also transfer into AEP from another major, college or university if they have less than 45 credits. From AEP, individuals who have selected a major and have the required grade point average may transfer into their desired major at any time within the first two years.

  • You are already off to a great start by investigating the Academic Exploration Program. AEP is the largest freshmen major at NU with a dedicated advising team to help you discover majors and careers.
  • The AEP advisors would love to meet with you one on one to discuss our program. Arrangements should be made through the Admissions Office.
  • Look at Niagara’s list of academic majors and minors.
  • Research majors on our links page. It includes some self-assessments that you can try and may expose you to some new major or career ideas. An advisor favorite is the Occupational Outlook Handbook for career information.
  • Use your high school guidance office as a resource.

Check out the full list of majors and minors.

"AEP was the reason I decided to enroll at Niagara and I'm so grateful that I did. This program is amazing and the advisers do everything in their power to ensure that students find their passions.  I am definitely recommending the AEP program to all of the soon-to-be college students I know from home!"

"Don’t think that you absolutely have to pick a major if you are not sure. AEP helps you pick the right choice for you and they are extremely helpful and friendly.”

“AEP is an awesome program – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! The reason it’s there is so that you can try out a couple different things on the intro level and find out what works best.  Ask questions, try different things and you’ll find something that fits what you want to do.”

“Explore all of the majors, minors and course offerings at NU, and don’t underestimate yourself when it comes to challenging coursework.”

"I'm so thankful for the Academic Exploration Program. It can be frustrating at times when you're unsure of which direction to take for your future career, but AEP has made me feel much more at ease during that process. I felt confident in myself throughout this program that I would receive all the help I need in order to be a successful student at Niagara. I highly recommend AEP to any student who finds themselves in a similar position because coming from my own personal experience, it was worth it to me."

Highlights taken from the Academic Exploration Program Exit Survey

“AEP is a fantastic program that really helped me out. The advisors are very helpful and genuinely want you to succeed as a student. They will do anything they can to help you out.”

“My experience was extremely positive here at AEP. I felt my advisor was extremely helpful and concerned with my academic and personal well- being.”

“My experience was positive because my advisor helped me explore all my options without pushing me in a certain direction.”

“It was a positive experience because by being able to take multiple classes of different majors. I realized what I was interested in and also loved my advisor.”

“AEP was the best college experience for me. I have never felt so certain that I am on the road to success and my confidence came from my advisor and all of her help.”

Niagara University accepts a wide range of credit. Some examples: Advanced Placement "AP," International Baccalaureate "IB", CLEP, NUSTEP, and transfer credit from other colleges or universities.

  • Niagara's Advanced Placement chart can be found on page 42 of the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • The Admissions staff or an AEP advisor would be glad to answer you transfer credit questions.
  1. When you take your exam remember to list Niagara University as a school where your scores should be sent.
  2. For exams you have already completed or for credit from other colleges or universities:
  • Have all transcripts mailed to: Niagara University, Office of Admissions, PO Box 2011, Niagara University, NY 14109-2011
  • For credit from other colleges or universities - Please go to their website and search "transcript request form" for directions.
  • For AP credit please call 1.888.CALL4AP (1.888.225.5427)
  • Other forms of credit - please speak with an Admissions counselor or an AEP advisor

Niagara's classes are broken into semesters. That means the traditional school year will have one set of classes from September to December and a different set of classes from January to May (summer courses are also available).

Undergraduate courses run Monday-Friday from 8:10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You will have a variety of classes and times to choose from when building your schedule with your advisor.

A full time student will complete 4-6 classes in a semester.