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Economics Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The bachelor of arts is a general liberal arts degree designed for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining employment in one of many careers that an undergraduate degree in economics makes available. This also gears students toward graduate studies in law, public policy, or economics. The curriculum for the bachelor of arts allows much more flexibility in terms of double majors and obtaining multiple minors.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

The bachelor of science in economics contains all the core courses within the College of Business Administration. For students who want a more structured course organization and who want exposure to other disciplines within the College of Business Administration this degree is possibly for you.

Ultimately, both degrees prepare you for a career in economics and exposes you to the same concepts and ideas although each allows for different focus. Recommended double major or minor areas to accompany either economics degrees include actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, computer science, a foreign language, and the other disciplines within the school of business. For more information about job opportunities in economics, please visit the main economics webpage, which has links to more specific career information.

To learn more about the differences between the two degrees or for specific curriculum questions, please contact us.