Professional Commitment and Responsibility

The Candidate:

  • Maintains confidentiality as appropriate
  • Is enthusiastic towards teaching and learning
  • Understands and complies with laws and policies at the local/Provincial level
  • Is prepared and punctual
  • Discusses issues and concerns in professional manner
  • Accepts critical feedback in a professional manner

Professional relationships

The Candidate:

  • Maintains high expectations for self and others
  • Considers diverse opinions and perspectives
  • Recognizes & promotes diversity of individuals /groups
  • Acts compassionately towards others
  • Is patient and flexible
  • Collaborates with peers and supports their development

Critical Thinking/Reflective Practice

The Candidate:

  • Is able to think critically and effectively solve problems
  • Openly discusses concerns  in a professional manner
  • Accepts critical feedback in a professional manner
  • Seeks and accepts help when needed
  • Reflects upon his/her professional practice
  • Sets goals for continuous improvement
  • Evaluates attainment of professional goals

Professional Appearance Conduct

The Successful Candidate

  • Wears neat, tailored clothing in accordance with standards set for teachers; no flip flops or shorts
  • Does not expose midriff / tattoos
  • Has well groomed hair, neatly trimmed beard
  • Shows no body piercings
  • Does not chew gum in the classroom
  • Does not use cell phones, text messaging, email, computer games, or earphones for personal use in classroom
  • Blocks personal   websites from students
  • Uses instructional websites responsibly and in accordance with NU Academic Integrity Policy.

** Research shows that it only takes 6 seconds or less for someone to make a decision about what type of person you are and if you would make a good fit for future employment.**

Teacher Candidate Responsibilities


  • Follow school calendar & building   schedule
  • Follow school policies (e.g. check in/out at office, attend meetings and staff development, pre-school & after school responsibilities.)   Ask for exceptions only in an emergency
  • Adhere to school standards of behavior including professional dress
  • Be punctual
  • Contribute to extracurricular life of the school


  • Be on time and prepared to work
  • Deliver/review Student Teaching packet
  • Decide with Associate Teacher how far in advance to submit lesson plans (a day? several days?)
  • Write lesson plans for each lesson and submit for review/approval prior to teaching
  • Consult on Supervisor observation dates
  • Report absences as soon as possible
  • Confer regularly regarding professional progress and/or concerns on such matters as discipline and rapport with students


  • Forward schedule and directions to school (1st week)
  • Consult on observation dates
  • Report absences as soon as possible
  • Type lesson plan for observation
  • Have a daily planner accessible to Field Supervisor
  • Participate in peer sharing at the Supervisor’s Meetings
  • Submit teaching evaluations in a timely fashion to NU
  • Promptly inform N.U. Supervisor of concerns regarding the placement

** First Placement Submit Final   Student Teaching Report by due date to Seminar Instructor.
**Second Placement Submit Final Student Teaching
Report to Professional Seminar Instructor on last day of Seminar.


  • Make Student Teaching your first priority.   Be prepared to commit the time and effort necessary for success.
  • Be professional:
    Extend basic courtesy and respect toward school administrators, teachers, staff, students and the school community
    Refrain from making unfavorable remarks about the host school, the university program, and/or the community
    Keep student information confidential
  • Strive to teach effectively with dedication & enthusiasm
  • Become involved in extra-curricular activities
  • Become knowledgeable of current issues such as violence prevention, child abuse, sexual harassment
  • Set goals and reflect on progress