Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of NU's College of Business Administration, is part of a group of university administrators participating in a trip to Vietnam in an effort to advance the globalization of Niagara's campus.

Preparing for Takeoff

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Sitting in the airport, getting ready to leave for Hanoi. It's always a time for anticipation: thinking about the new adventures and worrying about what could go wrong.  

This is my first trip to Southeast Asia, so I'm looking forward to seeing the comparison and contrast of Vietnam to China (a country I've been to many times). Seeing the differences between the oldest power in the region and the only nation to consistently stand up to it over time.

Our trip is to open doors for both Vietnamese and NU students and faculty to share programs and classrooms. Hopefully things go well and we can put together valuable experiences for everyone.

So, time to go get on the airplane and begin the adventure...