Minor Requirements

Law and Jurisprudence    

The minor in law and jurisprudence is a 6 credit minor; the minor was significantly revised in Fall 2008 to make it more accessible to students of all majors. The specific requirements for the minor are below. Please contact the Director, Dr. Peter J. Baxter, for an advising appointment to discuss the minor and the program.

Minor requirements

The law and jurisprudence minor is an interdisciplinary minor with three (3) required courses in political science and three (3) elective courses in other departments

Course Requirements

Three political science courses, from three different course areas, are required for the minor.

Area 1

POL 203 Introduction to Law (SS) REQUIRED. This is an introduction to American law and legal institutions as a part of government. The course will survey generally the sources and functions of law as a mediator between the individual and the society of government; and between the various orders of society: political, economic, and social. The course will examine, in general terms, the various kinds of law - civil, environmental, criminal, constitutional, etc. - focusing on selected problems in these areas to determine the capacity and limitations of law and legal processes to deal with social problems.

Area 2

One additional political science course, chosen from the five below.

  • POL 220: Women in Law
  • POL 354: Constitutional Law
  • POL 355: Civil Liberties
  • POL 358: American Judicial Process
  • POL 386: International Law

Area 3

An internship in law-related field (POL 491) or a research project in major field or political science on a topic addressing legal issues (POL 498).Here the student will complete a capstone project, which will involve doing a specified set of readings on the law and legal profession and the completion of a paper which will involve a written reflection of their experiences in the program.

Students may choose three electives from the course options below to complete the required six courses for the pre-law minor:

  • CRJ 265: Principles of Justice
  • CRJ 260: Criminal Procedure
  • CRJ 270: Corrections and Imprisonment
  • CRJ 320: Comparative Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 350: Criminal Law
  • HIS 346: Civil Rights Movement
  • PHI 300: Logic
  • PHI 304: Social and Political Thought
  • PHI 325: Philosophy of Law
  • SPK 101: Public Speaking

A special-topics course on law-related issue may be substituted for one of the three electives listed above. Permission of the director of the pre-law program is required for substitution.