Pre Health Alumni Directory

Ryan McCloskey, D.O. (2007)

New York, New York
I grew up in Rochester, NY. After completing high school in 2003 I was accepted into the Academic Exploration Program at Niagara University. I took the first year to take classes in both education and pre-medical, eventually deciding on the pre-medical route. I studied hard my last 3 years which also included some Organic Chemistry research to complete my honors thesis. I applied to both MD and DO schools for the class of 2011 and was wait-listed at UNECOM with an option to wait a year to receive a full admittance for the class of 2012. I took the year off and worked at Strong Memorial Hospital both in the GI unit and Emergency Department to expand my clinical experience. I re-applied to both MD and DO schools for the class of 2012 and was accepted at PCOM, UNECOM and NYCOM. I chose NYCOM over its superior clinical rotation sites. I have an interest in Sports Medicine as part of and Emergency Medicine fellowship or Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail address given if you have any questions about the Osteopathic medical field or NYCOM. Thanks!