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Gregory  Scott Canfield

Gregory Scott Canfield (2006)

University at Buffalo
I am from Ransomville, NY and grew up on a dairy farm. I attended Niagara University for four years and received my BS in biology and biochemistry in 2006. During my time at Niagara University, my greatest important experience was the time I had to work under Dr. Mark Gallo. His teaching and direction inspired me to pursue a life as both a clinician and research investigator. Currently, I'm in the fourth year of the University at Buffalo Medical Scientist Training Program. I've completed two years of medical school and am currently in the second year of my research training in the department of microbiology and immunology. I work in the lab of Dr. Steven Gill and my main research interest is the study of bacterial pathogenesis in the community and nosocomial pathogen, Staphylococcus aureus. For more specifics on my research and background please check my bio on the website provided below. Upon the conclusion of my research, I will return to medical school to complete third and fourth year clinical requirements. Its likely that I will pursue training in an internal medicine residency and continue on with clinical/basic research during my residency treating. I am highly privileged to have had the opportunity to train as a physician/scientist and relish that fact everyday of my life.