Pre Health Alumni Directory

Emmett Whitaker, MD (2002)

Baltimore, MD
I matriculated at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2002 after graduating from NU. I earned my M.D. In May of 2006. While at Niagara, I was fortunate to take advantage of many opportunities I would never have had at a larger school. I conducted behavioral neuroscience research in Dr. Peter Butera's lab, and was able to publish some of my work. I was also active in volunteer pursuits, extracurricular activites, and was a NYS EMT while enrolled full time. I have no doubt that these experiences helped make me competitive for medical school. After graduating medical school, I traveled to Baltimore, MD to train in anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am currently completing a fellowship in pediatric anesthesiology. My research focuses on neurotoxicity of general anesthesia in the developing brain, with an ultimate goal of identifying the most safe anesthetics to use in neonates. I have been honored and privileged to work along side some of the most famous and accomplished physicians in medicine. I believe that I have Niagara University and its fantastic faculty (Drs. Greene, Kotarski, Cliff, Gallo and many others) to thank for my success. I learned how to be successful in academics at Niagara. I learned many of the wet lab techniques I use today in my lab at Niagara, not in medical school! Most importantly, I grew as a person. I became a good person, who would become a physician, with time and training. Thank you, Niagara!