Pre-Award Services

OSPFR provides comprehensive services to Niagara University faculty, administrators and staff in all aspects of pre-award sponsored programs and foundation relations administration.  

We will work with you by:

Coordinating a broad spectrum of proposal development items by:

  • Assisting in obtaining appropriate program guidelines, forms, templates and worksheets to help develop the application.
  • Clarifying the potential sponsor's requirements for obtaining funding.
  • Assisting faculty, administrators and staff members with developing appropriate proposal documents and budgets.
  • Providing institutional data for inclusion in proposals, when required.
  • Acting as liaison between the applicant, partners and funding sources, as appropriate.

Reviewing and coordinating proposal approval, submission and tracking to agencies and funders by:

  • Evaluating all draft proposals to outside funders to ensure compliance with university policies, rates and other items.
  • Ensuring routing and necessary approvals are in place prior to proposal submission.
  • Obtaining any signatures as required by proposal guidance prior to submission.
  • Developing letters of agreement and other contracts, as necessary for the proposals.
  • Maintaining electronic and paper university files of all submitted proposals, contracts and grants awarded.
  • Providing assistance in reviewing comments and preparing for resubmission in the event of rejected proposals.
  • Submitting files in hardcopy or electronically on behalf of the university and as a delegated central point of contact.