Post-Award Services

Upon award, OSPFR coordinates acceptance, contract negotiation and approval, award implementation and provides oversight and assistance relating to all aspects of compliance in award fulfillment through closeout.

We will work with you within the first 30 days to:

  • Review terms and conditions of awards.
  • Coordinate negotiations and approvals of all grant and contract awards for the university with funding agencies.
  • Set up and authorize a unique general ledger account and budget for awards with the Controller’s Office.

Once a project is funded, OSPFR will schedule a mandatory orientation meeting with the project director(PD)/principal investigator (PI) in order to review award terms and conditions, and to help establish a unique account for the new project. Types of items that will be discussed include project reporting, budget limitations, and university policies and procedures. The PD/PI is expected to maintain a close relationship with his/her dean, Academic Affairs and OSPFR during the course of the project to ensure smooth project administration.

Below is a checklist for the mandatory Orientation Meeting:

We will work with you during the project period to:

  •  Negotiate and prepare subcontracts from university awards to other institutions and organizations, as appropriate.
  •  Assist with spending compliance by reviewing accounts and spending requests for allowability, allocability and reasonableness as related to grant budgets and regulations.
  •  Provide oversight and technical assistance with respect to project reporting and budget expenditures.
  •  Facilitate extensions or continuations of funding.
  •  Coordinate with fiscal administrators related to submission of final reports and close-out documents.
  •  Maintain complete files (electronic and paper) of all grant related documents.