Program Information

All Niagara University students are required to take three philosophy courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, and an upper-level elective. The introduction course familiarizes students with the philosophical method by means of surveying many of the important philosophical questions and proposed answers in past and contemporary times. The ethics course causes students to reflect upon the principles by which they do and will continue to live their lives. The upper-level elective allows students to choose one area of philosophy of particular interest to pursue at a deeper level.

Students who wish to obtain a minor in philosophy can do so by taking two additional upper-level courses. Those who major in philosophy or study it as part of a double major gain a full appreciation of the field of philosophy while further developing their abilities to think clearly, reason critically and argue rationally and persuasively.

B.A. - Philosophy

General Education Requirements: 20

  • See General Education
  • Foundation Courses 9
  • Distribution Courses 11

Major Requirement: 20

  • PHI 300: Logic 1
  • PHI 312: Modern Philosophy 1

Students must take two of the following: 2

  • PHI 303: Epistemology
  • PHI 305: Philosophy of Science
  • PHI 306: Metaphysics
  • PHI 308: Philosophy of Mind
  • PHI 315: Philosophy of Language

Students must take one of the following: 1

  • PHI 310: Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 311: Medieval Philosophy

Philosophy Electives 3

Total Program: 40

Minor - Philosophy

The minor is awarded to a student who has successfully completed a sequence of five courses in philosophy. The specific sequence of courses is determined by the student in consultation with the department.