Mission and Goals

Philosophy is the cornerstone of a liberal arts education. It asks and searches for answers to some of the deepest, most personal questions that all human beings have had, such as:Is there a God and, if so, why does evil exist? Do we really have free will in our actions? What is the ethical thing to do? How do I know for sure that I'm not living in a dream? How can I know anything?Is artificial intelligence possible?What are the metaphysical building blocks of the world?What counts as a logical, rational answer? and What is the meaning of life? Moreover, philosophy will accept answers to these questions only if they can be rationally defended and are logically persuasive. As such, philosophy develops students' critical thinking skills. Students who have had a firm grounding in philosophy are ready to enter the world as rational, freethinking, and critically reflective citizens and human beings.

For specific information about the role that Philosophy plays in the General Education requirements at Niagara, please see the General Education link.