Dr. Roberto Leone

Dr.  Roberto Leone

Associate Professor of Leadership and Policy

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Rob Leone brings a unique blend of practical and academic experience to Niagara University. He is a trusted advisor to business, political and non-profit leaders. Rob served as Member of the Provincial Parliament for Cambridge, Ontario during the province's 40th Parliament. Throughout his tenure as a legislator, he was a passionate advocate in matters of education and training, government finance, and energy policy. He served in the Official Opposition shadow cabinet in the Colleges and Universities and pre-K-12 Education portfolios. He was also the ranking member of the Estimates Committee and worked thoroughly on Ontario's energy sector and power generation policy files. Rob holds a PhD in public policy from McMaster University and has held faculty positions at Wilfrid Laurier University in the fields of Leadership and Journalism, and the University of Western Ontario in Political Science prior to joining Niagara University. Rob has published in national and international academic journals and has written, researched and taught matters of governance, ethics, cities, Aboriginal affairs, development and housing, intergovernmental relations, as well as environment and energy policy. Rob is a lecturer and opinion leader on economic development, campaign strategy, political communications and the media, understanding public opinion, and research methods. A frequent media commentator on Canadian and US affairs, Rob enjoys sharing his thoughts and opinions through freelance writing and blogging, along with a broad range of multi-media appearances. Rob also volunteers his time in minor sports and numerous charitable causes in southwestern Ontario.

Current Research: 

1) Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Alcantara, C., Leone, R., & Spicer Z. (2012). Responding to Policy Change from Above: Municipal Accountability and Transparency Regimes in Ontario. Journal of Canadian Studies, 46 (1), 112-137.
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  • Leone, R. 2010. Comparing parliamentary change in Canada and the UK: Do the similarities outweigh the differences? Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, 4 (3).

2) Edited Books

  • Leone, R., & Ohemeng, F.L.K . Eds. (2011). Approaching Public Administration: Core Debates and Emerging Issues. Toronto: Emond Montgomery Publications.

3) Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

  • Leone, R., & Morgan, J. (2021). Representation and the Practice of Politics. In C. Anderson and L. Stephenson (Eds.), Understanding the Theory and Practice of Democracy. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
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4) Non-Peer Reviewed Articles, Columns, and Book Reviews

  • Leone, R. (2017, September 1). Sir John A. wasn’t perfect, but that’s OK. Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2017, July 7). Liberals take all the credit, but accept no blame. Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2017, June 9). Tories can be their own worst enemy. Queen’s Park Briefing.
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  • Leone, R. (2017, April 14). Forget the ‘Big Move,’ what about the ‘Big Stay?’ Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2017, March 10). Drafting an alternative hydro plan. Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2017, February 10). Ontario’s art of a deal. Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2017, January 13). Time to End the Mental Health Stigma. Queen’s Park Briefing. 
  • Leone, R. (2016, December 9). Auditor-General meets post-truth era. Queen’s Park Briefing.
  • Leone, R. (2016, October 7). Want to grow an economy? Invest in higher education. Queen’s Park Briefing.
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5) Conference Papers, Presentations, and Invited Talks

  • Leone, R. “Understanding government.” For the National Association of Career Colleges, January 15, 2021.
  • Leone, R. (panelist) “COVID and the Challenges Facing Ontario.” Earnscliffe Webinar Series, June 4, 2020.
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6) Legislation, Policies and Reports

  • Leone, R. with the Business Advisory Council on Transportation Issues (2020). Final Report: Business Advisory Counil on rail transit in the Innovation Corridor Employment Zone. Toronto, ON: Connect the Corridor.
  • Leone, R. (2014). Math Achievement Action Plan: Improving STEM education in our schools. Toronto, ON: Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • Leone, R. (2013). Bill 140 – Promoting Educational Success Tax Credit Act. Toronto, ON: Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • Leone, R. (2013). Paths to Prosperity: Higher learning for better jobs. Policy paper for the Ontario Legislative Assembly, Toronto, ON.
  • Leone, R. (2012). Bill 101 – Balanced Budget and Debt Limit Act. Toronto, ON: Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • Leone, R. (2012) Bill 29 – Protection of Child Care Centres Act (Extended Day Programs). Toronto, ON: Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • Leone, R. with the Accountability and Transparency Committee. (2008). Councillor Code of Conduct. Kitchener, ON: Corporation of the City of Kitchener.
  • Leone, R. with the Accountability and Transparency Committee. (2007) Accountability and Transparency Policy. Kitchener, ON: Corporation of the City of Kitchener.