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Notable Alumni

Patrick Whipple, Ph.D.

Graduation Year:
Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy


I am proud to say that I am a two-time graduate of Niagara University; in December of 1998, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English education and, in May 2016, I graduated as a member of cohort three with a Ph.D. in leadership and policy. Consistently during my time at Niagara University, I have found the faculty caring, understanding, engaging and invested in student success. Most recently, the excellent treatment I received at the hands of Dr. Jinyan Huang, Dr. Walter Polka and Dr. Leticia de Hahn provided me with both the academic and personal encouragement necessary to attain my doctorate, which was a lifelong goal. 

I found the academic content immediately applicable to my work as an educational administrator. The leadership, policy and research emphasis of the Ph.D. program has changed the manner in which I engage in educational improvement processes as part of my work at Genesee Valley BOCES, the scope of which covers district, regional, and state level participation and leadership. Most importantly, over the past year and a half, I have been a member of the leadership team to revise and improve the English Language Arts standards for New York State.

I don't think there are enough superlatives to cover my affection and appreciation for the quality of education I received at Niagara University. The emphasis on the growth of the individual, while keeping values aligned to the Vincentian mission, makes Niagara University stand apart and above other universities. It is with great pride that I declare myself a Purple Eagle.