Peggy Trethewey named Employee of the Month for December

December 2, 2009

Peggy Trethewey, academic assistant in the departments of history and political science, was named Employee of the Month at Niagara University for December 2009. Peg has been a member of the university community since October 1998 when she was a temporary employee in the admissions office. She took a permanent part-time position in Timon Hall after that, and took her current position in October 2008.

Peggy's ability to provide excellent service was a focus of many nominations. "Peggy does her job extremely well on an everyday basis, but rendered exceptional service the last few weeks as I prepared for a conference on campus. Peggy chased down every detail of the conference planning and helped it run extremely smoothly," one noted. Another commented, "Peggy is committed to help us in every way she can. One trait that I admire the most is that she never directs us to another office, even when it is the easiest thing to do, but she actually goes there or makes the call herself."

It was noted in nominations that Peg is always professional, caring and diligent. "Peggy is able to work with many different kinds of personalities. She has the level of sensitivity that most employers can only dream about," one said. Another noted that "Peggy is truly my personal right hand and gets to know as many students as possible and relates to them at a professional and personal level." Peggy's supervisor commented, "Peggy is very courteous and professional, with an appropriate sense of humor."