Payments in US Funds Using Credit or Debit Cards

Niagara University is partnering with ACI Worldwide to offer online payments for your student account. This will provide improved security compliance and certifications requirements that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal consumer data.

Online Payment Options — 2 Options

  1. Electronic Check – There is no service fee for these transactions Debit or credit card – ACI Worldwide charges a service fee for processing your payment transaction. This fee is not charged by or paid to Niagara University.
  2. Credit/Debit Cards will have a 2.6% fee added to the payment.

Payment Instructions

Continue to use the online payment portal as indicated on the statement of account. Follow the instructions on the back of the statement of account. As in the past, you will be provided with the option of paying with an electronic check or a debit/ credit card.

If you have any questions please contact the Student Accounts Office at 716.286.8300.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no service fee if you choose to pay by electronic check. There is a service fee if you pay by debit or credit card. The fee is 2.6% of the amount being paid and is added to your debit or credit card.

  • The service fee covers the cost of processing the payment transaction and the security compliance certifications requirements that ensure the protection of sensitive and personal consumer data.
  • In reviewing the costs of bank card usage, we have found that credit /debit card fees have increased dramatically. These costs must be accounted for in the University’s budget.

No, the changes in your credit/ debit card payment structure are similar to those that have been adopted by many universities across the country where online credit and debit card payments are made available through a third-party processor who assesses a service fee for processing the payment. The service fee goes directly to the third-party processor to cover the fees charged by the credit and debit card companies. Niagara University does not keep any of these fees.

Niagara University has contracted with ACI Worldwide/ Official Payments, a trusted third-party payments processing provider for the Internal Revenue service, state governments, and colleges and universities. Official Payments maintains PCI-DSS

Level 1 certification as well as NACHA, FERPA, and GLB compliance. Official Payments is a licensed money transmitter in all states requiring such and adheres to state, federal and banking security rules and regulations, and undergoes yearly security audits.