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Past Grant Recipients

The following are the projects that were funded with CCTL grants for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Sharon Green
    Academic Success Center
    Bridging the Reading Gap: Moving Pre-Freshmen beyond their Reading Histories to Effectively Read History in College
  • Mary Ellen Bardsley & Kathleen McGrath
    Childhood Education & Professional Studies
    Understanding Access Through a Community Survey Project
  • Amelia Gallagher
    Religious Studies
    Momento Mori: Active Approaches to Learning about Death through Integrating Local Contexts
  • Michael Barnwell
    Improved Paper Writing Through Oral Reading of Papers to Peers
  • Mitchell Alegre
    Fostering a Growth Mindset for Leadership Development
  • Christopher Stoj & Robyn Goacher
    Biochemistry & Chemistry
    Implementation and evaluation of a Freshman Chemistry/Biochemistry Success Community

The following are the projects that were funded with CCTL grants for the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • Ann Rensel and Kristine Principe
    Management, Economics
    eam-based learning while testing: using the Immediate Feedback Assessment technique in a cooperative setting in undergraduate business courses
  • Patricia Briscoe
    Education (Ontario)
    Poverty simulation
  • Todd Inouye and Patrick Tutka
    Management, Sports Management
    International facility and event negotiation
  • Vanessa Haddad and Yonghong Tong
    Sociology, Computer & Information Sciences
    Creating and using a mobile game to improve student learning in sociology

The following are the projects that were funded with CCTL grants for the 2017-2018 academic year:

  • Patrick Tutka
    Using real life marketing to provide sport management students with applied experience from the classroom
  • Michael Barnwell
    Turn & Write! A Strategy to Improve Deep Comprehension and Critical Thinking
  • Todd Inouye
    Increasing Awareness of Bounded Ethicality in Business through Active Learning
  • Hope Russell
    History, Women's studies
    Acknowledge, Aspire, Act—! How Active Reading Strategies Transform Teaching and Learning in Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Paula Kot & Jamie Carr
    Experiential Literature
  • Vanessa Haddad
    Using Sim City to Teach Major Sociological Concepts
  • Shih-Jen Kathy Ho & Yonghong Tong
    Accounting & CIS
    Develop and use an Accounting Mobile App to enhance teaching and learning in Accounting
  • Patrick Foran
    Leaning In or Digging Deep: Perspectives on Feminism In and Outside the Classroom
  • Joel Louwsma
    Inquiry-oriented activities in Linear Algebra