Parent/Guardian Notification

Parental and Guardian Notification for Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

Niagara University may advise parents or guardians of students certain violations of the Student Code of Conduct including, but not limited to, alcohol and/or drug violations. Notification may be made when the violation involves:

  • “clear and present danger” to the student, other students, persons or campus property; and/or
  • an arrest and custody of the student; and/or
  • medical intervention due to use of alcohol/drugs; and/or
  • possible removal of the student from the university, programs or facilities (e.g. residence halls)

In general, notifications to parents and/or guardians will be made by the university in an effort to provide support for the individual student’s development, academic success and physical/mental well-being. Generally, notifications will be made over the telephone and/or by mail and will include:

  • the type and possible consequences of the student violation;
  • campus/community resources available to the student to address the behavior/violation; and
  • encouragement to parents/guardians to contact the student and assist him/her in addressing any substance issues and promote use of available resources.  

In an effort to partner and provide support to parents, we may be contacting them when their student has been involved in multiple violations or when the outcome of a conduct hearing results in Disciplinary Probation. Parents and students should understand that one more violation could result in their immediate suspension from the university in which a hearing could lead to expulsion.  

Generally notifications will be made, as appropriate, by the Dean of Students, or his/her designee. The Dean of Students, or designee, will coordinate the notification process, maintain appropriate records and arrange necessary follow-up.