Public Printing

Location of Public Printers

  • Library - Main floor north
  • Library - Main floor south
  • Library - Basement
  • Library - Top floor
  • Glynn Hall - Room 104
  • Glynn Hall - Room 105
  • Dunleavy Hall - Room 131
  • Seton Hall - 1st Floor Lounge
  • O'Shea Hall - 1st Floor Lounge

Printing From Public Printers

To print from our public computers in both the library and computer labs, simply log in to the computer using your NU credentials and print to the printer named "holds-queue". Visit a printer within two hours to release your job with your NU ID Card or ID Number. 

Printing From Your Device

Printing from your device is simple, but different devices will require different levels of setup.

IMPORTANT: You must be on the Purplehaze WIFI or hard wired to the Campus Network to be able to print.