Documents for Preparing Five-Year Review of Departmental Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans for the Senate Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

Every five years, departments are required to submit a report to the Senate Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC) that synthesizes and analyzes a five-year period of continuous data collection. The trends indicated in the report will inform decisions regarding curricular changes, requests for resources and faculty lines and workload distribution.

The OAC chair sends the following letter to the chairs of all departments at least one semester before their five-year departmental SLO assessment review is due to the committee. The letter includes a description of the process, a description of what must be included in the report and the date that the report is due to the committee: Five Year Review Introductory Letter to Department Chairs.

The Schedule for OAC Five Year Review of Departmental Assessment Plans includes a table that shows when each department is up for review.

The OAC has prepared and approved forms for departments to use when preparing their reports. The Assessment of Goals Reported form is used to report all SLO assessment data that the department has collected for each of its student learning goals during the previous five years. This form is similar to Niagara University's annual report form. To report their departments' SLO assessment plan for the next five years, department chairs should also include the form B3 Current Assessment Plan with Five Year Projection.

Departments may also want to review the Assessment Checklist, which the OAC members will use when reviewing the departments' final reports.

University Format for All Course Syllabi

The Niagara University Senate has approved a standard university format for all course syllabi, including requirements related to student learning outcomes assessment.