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Our Code of Professionalism


The College of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Niagara University educates and prepares students for a global environment, instills character and competency, and prepares students for personal and professional activities.   Our program and curriculum provide a current and high quality education to grant students with a strong foundation for becoming leaders in the worldwide hospitality and tourism industry.   Through a professional curriculum, practical learning experiences, and co-educational activities, our program is a leading national and international school of hospitality and tourism management.

In maintaining a professional environment, the college recognizes four cornerstones of professionalism - attitude, appearance, preparation, and conduct.   All students in the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management will pursue, respect, and uphold our "Code of Professionalism," for both the benefit and progress of the students and the college, both for today and for the future.



  • Our attitude should at all times project a professional image.
  • Our attitude will convey energy and enthusiasm.
  • Our attitude will illustrate our commitment; we are committed to academics, our program, our university, and our industry.
  • Our attitude will allow our individual personalities to shine through without compromising the professional presence of the whole.
  • Through our attitude, we will show respect towards others.


  • The first component of our appearance is proper attire.   Proper attire will maintain our professional image.   Most college functions such as guest speakers, alumni panels, recruiting events, and convocations require professional dress. We describe professional dress as a suit and tie for men and a business suit for women. Our attire should be classic or traditional, and should look clean and pressed.
  • The second component of our appearance is the area of grooming and hygiene.   In this area we seek to achieve the standards of the traditional business environment.


  • Academic preparation is central to our program goals.
  • Proper preparation for speakers and interviews dictates research.   Researching the company, the individual, and the industry segment will allow us to make a good impression and will ensure a positive learning experience.
  • We are prepared to challenge our faculty and administration to maintain high professional standards in the classroom, and to take an active role in our professional development.


  • Proper conduct within all settings allows us to practice hospitality and etiquette.
  • We, through our conduct, seek to be accountable and responsible.
  • When dealing with industry professionals and/or alumni, we are conscious of the need for proper greetings and introductions.  
  • We recognize the importance of follow up and responsiveness in our industry, and seek to demonstrate these objectives in our interactions with professionals and alumni.   Most follow-ups require a reminder or a thank you note.
  • Our conduct should at all times demonstrate respect, while certain situations may warrant being politely aggressive.

Our Resolve

Each student in the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Niagara University recognizes the importance of supporting our program.   It is our goal to maintain a professional presence in all of our educational activities, practical learning experiences, and when representing our college at any, and all, events.   We believe our support and professional presence will generate critical mass in the areas of recruitment and speakers.   We aim to stand out in our industry, both individually and collectively. By striving to uphold and maintain our four cornerstones of professionalism, we will maximize opportunities, create connections, and establish relationships to further the opportunities of our students and our program.