Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations (OSPFR) provides support to faculty, administrators and staff in seeking, applying for, and managing external grants and funding requests of all types—federal, state, local or private. 

Pre-Award, OSPFR works with you to find funding sources, finalize budgets, complete necessary forms, secure required approvals, and package for submittal. All grants and funding requests are submitted through OSPFR. 

Post-Award, OSPFR works with you to establish and manage the award budget and purchasing through NU systems. Grant management and compliance guidance, amendments, extensions, and reporting also are coordinated through OSPFR. 

Whether you are lead, collaborator, or subcontractor on a project, OSPFR will help you navigate the process internally at NU and externally with the funder.

Please contact us. We look forward to working with you!