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What Can I Do With a Management Degree

What Can I do with a Management Degree?

Management is a broad business degree that can lead to many career opportunities. Though the possibilities are endless, the most common career fields following a management degree are self-employment (starting your own business), banks or financial institutions, human resource management, operations management, insurance, retail, restaurants, hotels, service providers and healthcare organizations. What is important to note is that everyone in business is a manager, whether they manage money, information, marketing, customers, or otherwise. Since career paths take many directions in the 21st century, having a diverse set of business and management skills is very important.

Famous Management Degree Majors

If we haven't convinced you to go into the field of management, then maybe this will: These rich and famous people chose the management discipline to study.

While majoring in management does not guarantee you the same success, it doesn't hurt to be in good company.

Name, Career (Alma Mater)

  • Howard West, Actor and Executive Producer of Seinfeld (Long Island University)
  • Mary Peters, Former Secretary of Transportation (University of Phoenix)
  • Teddy Sears, Actor (University of Virginia)
  • Tyra Banks, TV Personality (Harvard Business School)