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What Can I Do With an Economics Degree

What can I do with an economics degree?

Graduates with economics degrees get hired in a wide range of fields, or any field that a general business degree might aspire to but with a different and more highly rewarded skill set (see salary information for economics graduates). Perennial fields for economics graduates include banking, insurance, consulting and government, but the opportunities are wide ranging and links that offer a more comprehensive listing are below.


Income potential for the major you select is important. Something a graduate in economics will know is that consumption is based on disposable income and we want to maximize utility, or happiness (which is a function of income), over our lifetimes. Luckily, starting salaries for economics majors are very competitive and among the highest across all collegiate majors. Up-to-date information about average starting salaries is available from the American Economic Association here:

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American Economic Association students page with detailed information about salary, possible future job titles, and job outlook: