Office of International Relations

Update from the Office of International Relations - July 14, 2020

July 14, 2020


The Office of International Relations continually reviews and consults numerous sources to protect the health and safety of our entire Niagara University community. By now, I am sure you have read the detailed plans for Forward Niagara – our plan to create a safe and resilient educational environment for the future. This detailed plan can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 7/13, there are still many travel restrictions in place. These restrictions (with the exception of Canada) do apply to students on an F-1 visa.  Please be sure you are regularly checking these restrictions and plan your travel accordingly.

AIRPORT:  Plan to arrive at BUF, Buffalo Niagara International Airport.  
ARRIVAL DATE:  For those new students arriving from an international or out of state destination is August 4 or 5.  Plan to arrive between 9 a.m.-5 p.m.   

Returning students should arrive prior to August 11 in order to abide by quarantine orders and begin classes on August 24.

QUARANTINE:  With the exception of Canada, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for all students arriving from an international destination and all students arriving from another state with significant community spread.  Even if you have documentation indicating that you are COVID-19 free, you will need to quarantine.

Those living on campus (reminder: on campus living is required for all exchange students, freshmen and sophomores, it is recommended for all our students) will be quarantined on campus with no additional charge for meals or housing. 

Those upperclassmen and graduate students that opt to live off campus will need to self-quarantine at your apartment.  Plan on arranging for prepared food or grocery delivery. REPORTING: Everyone arriving from areas of significant community spread or from an international destinations need to report quarantine information here.

TRANSPORTATION from Airport: Please send your flight itinerary to; we will send a return confirmation, someone from our team will greet you at the airport between 9am-5pm and will make transportation arrangements to Niagara University for you.  Should you arrive outside these times, please take Uber or Lyft to campus, have the driver take you to Niagara University’s campus safety/information building; the driver can simply enter Dwyer arena into their GPS- campus safety is directly across from Dwyer Arena. Masks are mandatory.

ORIENTATION:  International orientation is August 19.  All international students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Undergraduates have additional orientation starting August 20. 

CONCERNS ON RE-ENTERING THE U.S.: The university is working on a contingency plan should international travel remain restricted and you are unable to physically return to campus to resume in-person instruction. The university is equipped with many hy-flex classrooms, which would allow you to join classes and seminars from your home country.  Remote learning will be available to all those unable to return to campus.

CONCERNS ON HAVING TO DEPART CAMPUS:  Fall semester will be hybrid, where most classes are in-person, some are a combination of in-person and online. As of July 14, International students are able to continue their studies onlineIt is your responsibility as an international student to ensure your course load complies with the requirements of your F-1 visa.  Should you need assistance with this, please reach out to our office.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Health Insurance is mandated- it includes vaccinations.  The only exceptions are for those that have approved US based health insurance, this MUST be approved in advance,
MORE DETAILS- Please refer to our re-start bulletins for the most detailed , up to date information.

Internationalization is more important today than ever; we are proud to have students from more than 30 different countries attend Niagara University.  When you return to NU this fall, please come to our office in DePaul Hall 133 to see how you can get involved internationally, while still on campus.

Looking forward to welcoming you to NU.


Dr. Debbie

Dr. Deborah T. Curtis
Vice President
International Relations and the Brennan Center