October Update

by Derek Ricioppo on October 11, 2016

My semester has been going quite well. I don’t really have anything new to post as far as academics are concerned.

I had my second speech for public speaking, which included practicing how to use a visual aid. The speech went very well. I felt confident because I was using a personal item of mine and describing it to the class. I will be giving my second speech in oral interpretation in class this week.

I am also continuing to enjoy my film and culture class, as well as my American Deaf studies class. These courses are introducing me to interesting material that I am really enjoying.

Soon, I will be participating in activities as part of the clubs I am involved in. I just received a copy of the book we will be reading in the NU Readers book club – and I am looking forward to reading it. I also just paid my semester dues for the ASL club and am hoping that the club will be an extension to what I am learning in ASL 310.

I attended a film screening as part of the Late Night Niagara program this past Friday night. The film, Bad Moms, was one that I had seen in the theater and I enjoyed watching it again this week.

I will be embarking on my final midterm week coming up soon and am beginning to prepare for projects and assignments as the semester continues.