Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring is provided at no cost for a variety of introductory-level undergraduate courses (many 100-level and some 200-level courses).

The goal of tutoring is to help you find ways to learn course material more successfully. Your tutor can assist you with a variety of activities, such as clarifying textbook material, discussing ideas, going over practice problems, providing study techniques, and reviewing test-taking strategies.

Depending on your needs, sessions can be either formally structured or open question and answer opportunities. Tutors will not do homework or other formal assignments for tutees. Remember that your full and honest effort is the only way that tutoring can truly work for you.

You will be asked to commit to meeting with your tutor two times each week for one hour each session. Tutoring sessions are regularly scheduled appointments that rely on frequent attendance for success.

If you do not want to commit to meeting a tutor twice a week, you should instead pursue help from your professor, the Math Lab, the Writing Center, or use other Office of Academic Support resources (videos, books, workshops, etc.).

Tutoring sessions consist of one tutor and 1-4 students. The Office of Academic Support does its best to keep groups as small and effective as possible. Students in small tutoring groups have the advantage of sharing ideas and learning from each other; we encourage students interested in tutoring to be open to this experience.

Our peer tutors are undergraduate students who have successfully completed the courses that they tutor. Tutors must have received a grade of B or better in any course they wish to tutor, and they must also maintain a cumulative average of 3.0 (B) in order to stay employed with the Office of Academic Support. Each tutor receives a minimum of 10 hours of training and is regularly supervised.

Fill out a Request for Tutoring application as completely and accurately as possible. Tutoring requests are normally completed within one week of receipt. A tutor will contact you by phone or email to arrange meeting days and times. Please respond to your tutor as soon as you hear from him or her. If you do not hear from a tutor within one week from the day you submit your request, please let our office know.

Please read the section "Your Responsibilities as a Tutee" to see a sample of the contract all students requesting a tutor are required to abide by.   It outlines your responsibilities as a tutee and our tutorial attendance policy. At your first tutoring session, you will be asked to sign and submit a copy of this contract for our files.

  • "My tutor explained very complex material in an understandable manner."
  • "He really wanted to make sure I understood everything, even if he had to go over everything 50 times."
  • "He should be an accounting teacher."
  • "The tutoring sessions surpassed all my expectations."
  • "She is intelligent about the topic and helpful."

Contact Julie Czyrny at 716.286.8065.