Course Descriptions

CRL 101 (Critical Literacy)

This course integrates reading and writing instruction to engage students in the rigors of college work. Through strategic instruction and guided practice, students strengthen college reading skills and gain practice in writing college essays. Through an exploration of knowledge and learning in higher education, students are encouraged to think critically. This three-credit course is a prerequisite for WRT 100 and carries a Humanities designation.  

What have former students said about CRL 101?

  • "The methods of teaching allowed me to improve my skills. Nightly reading made me create habits. Strict habits, because there was usually a quiz soon after the readings were assigned. The readings were not too long, which would have made me feel overwhelmed, and the material we were reading was interesting."
  • “My vocabulary has increased tremendously throughout the semester. In high school I barely learned any new words because our teacher never really explained how important it is to look up unfamiliar words. This class taught me that you haven’t done your job if you didn’t stop to look up any words you find unusual.”
  • “Through reading all the articles, I saw different ways to write, different ways to argue a thesis, and different ways to attract the attention of the reader.”
  • "During this class, I realized that the more I read, my writing skill becomes better."
  • "Being able to write is a critical skill."
  • "The work we do in Recitation has really taught me how to read more critically and understand the writings."
  • "This class has already helped me improve my performance in other classes this semester."
  • "I enjoyed this class immensely and it certainly improved my reading, writing, and critical thinking skills."

LSK 095 (Basic Math)

This course is designed for students who require a review of basic mathematics. The course is designed to teach the methodology of arithmetic and basic algebra. Topics in the course include fractions, decimals, proportions, percents and beginning algebra through the solving of basic linear equations that contain rational numbers.

What have former students said about LSK 095?

  • "The course and the teacher make math easy to understand and learn."  
  • "We weren't afraid to ask for help."
  • "Teachers gave us individualized attention."
  • "I learned to figure problems out instead of just giving up."
  • "The notes and the homework provided good practice and supported our learning."

ESL 193 (English as a Foreign Language)

Designed for foreign students, this course provides intensive training in the basics of English grammar, composition and language arts skills.  An individual program of instruction is designed to help students master the English skills required for college students and allow the foreign student a reasonable expectation of success later in WRT 100, which is required of all undergraduate students. 

What have former students said about ESL 193?

  • "I am writing to express my gratitude for this interesting class. All that I learned was actually beyond my expectations."