Advisement Tips

Practical Advisement Questions

Practical questions to ask any student regarding class scheduling, program planning, etc. that may be especially helpful for a student with a disability.

Number of Classes

  • How many classes do you feel you should register for?
  • What is a manageable load of classes for you this semester given your needs (family or work commitments, learning needs, etc.)?
  • Do you plan to get involved in any extra-curricular activities this semester?
  • Will you be working this semester?  If so, how many hours?
  • Do you have any outside commitments that we need to plan for when selecting courses?
  • Part-time vs. full-time (part-time BUT full-time Status -- involve Accessibility Services!)

Time of Classes

  • When during the day do you study or learn best?
  • Are there reasons why it is best to avoid early morning or late evening classes?
  • Do you have any outside commitments that we need to plan for when selecting courses?

Time Between Classes

  • Do you want to schedule time between each of your classes to review notes, work with faculty, use the Library, etc.?

Distance Between Classes

  • Are you willing to travel between campuses (if the institution has more than one campus)?

Location of Classes

  • Do you have any needs that will impact where your courses will be located? For example, the need for an elevator, traveling between campuses (if the institution has more than one campus).

Type of Classes

  • How do you learn best?  Auditory, Visual, Hands-on?
  • What classes did you tend to excel in?
  • Were you in honors classes?
  • What do you feel are your strong subjects?  Writing, science, math, etc.
  • What subjects are challenging to you?  Writing, science, math, etc.
  • Have you ever been in classes that you struggled with or really disliked?
  • Are there any courses that you are interested in taking to improve a skill area such as reading, writing, math, technology, etc.?
  • Distance / online vs. traditional lecture?
  • Balance classes the student is strong in with those that might be more challenging…reading intensive, writing intensive, math.
  • Consider the student’s learning style.

Length of Classes

  • How do you think you would perform in a class that is three hours long?
  • Do you think this is a class in which you can do well in or would you have difficulty?

Accessibility Services Referral

  • Accommodations
    • extended time on a test, need for a quiet location, use of a word processor
    • need for notetaking assistance
    • foreign language substitution
    • full-time status with part-time attendance
    • priority registration
    • consideration for attendance modification, etc.
    • and more!
  • Need for alternate format for printed materials
  • Feels that he/she is being treated unfairly because of a disability


  • Are there any issues that I need to know about that would impact either how we schedule your courses and/or how we approach your program planning?
  • Do not ask a student if he/she has a disability!

How do you assist a student if he/she discloses information about a condition that you are not familiar with?

  • I’m not familiar with that condition. Can you tell me how that would affect you taking courses, living in the dorm, etc.?
  • Resources where you can find some quick information on various types of disabilities: