NUSURF Student Spotlights

Ashley Jarkowski

Ashley Jarkowski (2017)



Rochester, N.Y.

Career Interest:

Dental School (Orthodontics)


I'm investigating how to combine the novel compound Optiberry with photodynamic therapy in order to induce apoptosis in CAL-27 oral squamous cell carcinoma and HeLa cervical cancer cells.


By having the opportunity to take part in HeLa cancer cell research in the biology department at Niagara University, my understanding of the impacts of scientific research on healthcare has improved.

In the future, I plan to pursue a career in orthodontia, where my care will directly impact a patient's health, with research playing a major role in how this care is provided.

Research Conferences Attended:

  • 2015 -- Eastern Colleges Science Conference (at Niagara University)
  • 2014 -- Undergraduate Research Conference (at Niagara University)