NU Mentorship Program

Big Eagle, Little Eagle Mentorship Program

Our Program

The Big Eagle Little Eagle mentorship program between Niagara Falls High School and Niagara University students aims to implement the Vincentian values that embody Niagara University through mentorship and guidance for students in their transition from high school to college and the real world.  Through conversations and influential activities we aim to have a positive influence with these relationships.

This program will provide students with mentors from NU to help with SAT/ACT prep, other activities aimed at social change, and aim to build relationships and connections in our community!

Program Participants

The Big Eagle Little Eagle Mentorship Program is looking for 20 students from Niagara University.

What to Expect from our Program

Weekly meetings will be held after school on Niagara University campus and mentors and mentees will bond and build and strengthen their relationships through SAT/ACT prep help, activities and the promotion of global and societal issues promoting the act of social change.

Some topics for our program schedule might include:

  • College quick talks and college preparation
  • Goals and visions for the future
  • Local and global news
  • Assumptions, stereotypes and diversity
  • Money management

Interested in participating??