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Non-Profit Careers

The idea of the nonprofit sector may be abstract, but the sector's role in our society is tangible and easily recognized. Freed from the profit motive that dominates business and from the constraints of government, the nonprofit sector serves as a forum for the creation and dissemination of new ideas, an efficient vehicle for delivering social services, and a guardian of our environment, values and heritage.

Nonprofit careers, which are dedicated to a specific mission,  span a variety of disciplines and activities from charities, civic organizations, museums, environmental groups, foundations,  service organizations, higher education institutions, arts organizations, public media, social causes,  professional and trade organizations, etc.

The nonprofit sector in the United States is vast and diverse and touches all our lives. It includes more than a million organizations that spend more than $500 billion each year - more than the gross domestic product of Brazil, Russia, or Australia. About 6 percent of all organizations in the U.S. are nonprofits, and one in 15 Americans works for a nonprofit.

Gain Experience for Non-Profit Positions

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Career Contacts

The following people have volunteered to speak with students about possible careers. To volunteer or update your contact information,  Contact Us.

  • Angela Barbeau  (Alumna) -
         Youth Program Assistant, Genesee County Youth Bureau
  • Shannon Bloomquist (Alumna) -
            Program Manager, Junior Achievement of WNY
  • Adrienne Leibowitz  (Alumna / Staff) -
            Director of Sponsored Research and Grants, Niagara University
  • Clementine Laverman  (Faculty) -
            Social Work Faculty, Niagara University
  • Susan Mason  (Faculty) -
            Psychology Faculty, Niagara University  
            Director of Gerontology Major/Minor
  • Kims Plantin  (Alumnus) -
            Senior Case Manager at Bowery Resident's Committee
            at MICA (Mentally Ill and Chemically Addicted)
            MSW Graduate Student - Long Island University - Nonprofit Management Concentration.
  • Shannon Risk  (Faculty) -
            History Faculty, Niagara University
            Museum Nonprofits
  • Ted Ritter '87  (Alumnus) -
            External and Public Affairs Work (after years in Broadcast Journalism)