Niagara’s MBA Program Offers Compelling Opportunities

by Rachael Ruszkowski on September 7, 2017
Niagara’s MBA Program Offers Compelling Opportunities

Rachael Ruszkowski is a student in the master of business administration program. She is also a graduate assistant in Office of Academic Support.

While obtaining my undergraduate degree at Niagara University, I knew I wanted to get my master’s, but didn’t know when. As an undergrad, I was very involved with clubs and activities on campus, spent a semester abroad, and interned with a couple respectable companies. I wasn’t sure if getting my MBA at NU would offer a similar, or greater experience. Despite my hesitation, I decided to apply for the MBA program and to some graduate assistantships during my senior year of my undergraduate degree. Fast forward a few months, and I am now happily pursuing my master’s with a graduate assistantship in Disability Services!

One of my favorite experiences from my undergrad career at Niagara was studying abroad. I hoped to find this in the MBA program, and I wasn’t met by disappointment. In the summer of 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to go to China with a group of MBA students for the Global Trade Mission. Studying abroad is a unique experience that gives students exposure not only to the global market, but to other cultures of the world. While in China, I was able to tour different companies with my fellow classmates and discuss business practices and current issues with professionals abroad. This experience cannot be gained in the classroom, and I’m so thankful Niagara University offers a study abroad program for graduate students in the business field. For students looking for an unforgettable trip abroad, I highly recommend the Global Trade Mission (so much so, that I put this lip dub video together while I was there!).

So far, my graduate experience at Niagara has been invaluable. My graduate assistantship serves as a great way to give back to the Niagara University community and stay involved on campus while pursuing my studies. I appreciate how the MBA program is designed to work around a full-time job, which gives me the flexibility to work around my graduate assistantship schedule and my marketing internship at Rich Products. Even with just one semester in the MBA program, I already feel empowered to seek out more compelling opportunities as I continue to gain confidence in myself as a growing business professional.

For more information on the master of business administration program, please contact the MBA Office at or 716.286.8051.