Niagara University: My Home Away From Home

by Erin Faxlanger on October 21, 2021

Erin Grad Photo

Erin is a graduate student pursuing her MBA in strategic marketing and her MS in criminal justice administration. She works in the Office of Enrollment Marketing as a graduate assistant.

I have an older sister, who is also a Niagara alumni. I was a sophomore in high school when she first started touring colleges, and I would often tag along on the tours. When we visited Niagara, I immediately knew this was going to be my new home away from home after high school. Niagara was (and continues to be) one of those places where I can't quite explain it, other than I knew this was going to be a place that would allow me to grow and thrive.

I decided to pursue accounting and criminal justice during my undergrad, and I received a plethora of opportunities in both areas to expand my knowledge and network. Through the many networking opportunities offered through the College of Business Administration, I was able to secure an internship this past summer with CTBK, an accounting firm in Buffalo. In the criminology and criminal justice program, I was fortunate enough to complete different research projects alongside some of my professors, including my senior honors thesis which focused on mass shootings and the underlying commonalities of mass shooters. 

I was also fortunate to have many leadership opportunities outside of the classroom, including as an orientation leader, which truly was the turning point for me in my development as a leader and person. Now fast forward four years, and I graduated in May 2021 with my BBA in accounting and my BS in criminal justice. 

When it came time for me to start thinking about what I wanted to do after undergrad, I knew I wanted to continue my story here at Niagara. I decided to pursue both marketing and criminal justice administration so I could get in touch with my creative side through marketing, and also continue my research in criminal justice.

I am also quite fortunate to have been offered the role of Orientation Staff Coordinator for our summer and new student orientation programs. It truly is a rewarding experience to continue to be involved in orientation, helping train our orientation staff, and welcome new students to their new home for their next four years.

I also work as a graduate assistant in the office of enrollment marketing. I have gotten to work on email marketing, marketing strategies for our different majors, NU News articles, and social media marketing. I even started a new Instagram story segment called "Word on the Ridge", which is posted weekly on Mondays with the events for the week. It is quite exciting to work in a fast-paced work environment and further develop my marketing skills, and even bring some new ideas to the table.

I can truly say I would not be who I am today had it not been for my journey here at Niagara. I am forever thankful for all the amazing opportunities I have had, and the many experiences left to come.

For more information on the MBA Strategic Marketing program or MS Criminal Justice Administration program, please contact us or call 716.286.7360.