The most recent partnership between Niagara University’s College of Education and Empower originated in the spring of 2014. Graduate students in the college plan and implement the program and serve as instructors. The curriculum has been designed to center on specific life skills, with instruction taking place on the NU campus.

Participants from Empower are exposed to and receive basic training in the area of computer literacy, job readiness skills, career exploration, self-advocacy and character development.

The two-hour, weekly program provides instruction, typing skills, internet safety, computer awareness, online netiquette, and the use of Microsoft Office. Participants also work on skills such as completing job applications, creating resumes, setting career goals, expectations of the work place, interview preparation and effective communication. The two hours of instruction provides participants with an opportunity to work in both small and largegroup settings.

This program offers participants:

  • workforce preparation.
  • exposure and the practice needed to meet the rising demands of technology in the work place.
  • exposure to a university setting.
  • confidence to gain employment.