Fac 133
November 1985

    7": UK 1985 (Factory FAC 133)
    7": UK 1985 (Factory FAC 133/7) [promo]
        3:24    Sub-culture (edit)
        3:34    Dub-vulture (edit)

    7": BL 1985 (Factory 7FAC133)
        4:57    Sub-culture (remix edit)
        4:55    Sub-culture

    7": JP 1988 (???) [acetate]
                Face Up

    7": UK 1986 (Record Mirror RMEP2)
        New Order tracks include:
        7:10    Sub-culture (exclusive remix) **

   12": AU 1985 (Factory FAC 133)
   12": AU 1985 (Factory FAC 133) [promo]
   12": AU 1990 (Factory/Festival X14834)
   12": BL 1986 (Factory FAC 133)
   12": CA 1985 (Factory/Polygram FACX 24) *
   12": FR 1985 (Virgin 80224)
   12": GE 198? (Rough Trade RTD 023T)
   12": JP 1985 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7433-AX)
   12": JP 1985 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7433-AX) [promo]
   12": NZ 1985 (EMI NZ Ltd. FAC 133)
   12": SP 1985 (Factory/Nuevos Medios 31164)
   12": SW 1985 (Factory/MNW FAC 133)
   12": UK 1985 (Factory FAC 133)
        7:26    Sub-culture 
        7:57    Dub-vulture

   12": US 1985 (Qwest 9 20390-0)
        7:26    Sub-culture (remix)
        7:57    Subvulture
        4:57    Sub-culture

   12": US 1985 (Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs HP-B) [one sided acetate]
        7:26    Sub-culture

*  Unique sleeve.
** A fade-out edit of the Razormaid! v1.0 mix.

Q: What is Bernard singing in the sentence "you'll realize you can't ??? without someone else"?
A: There are a lot of different interpretation of Bernard's singing, the most common suggestions for the above lyrics are that he is singing, "show off" or "shop". However, listening to the lyrics from Pumped Full of Drugs one can hear that Bernard sings "shaft", which is English slang for having sex. Then again, Bernard is famous for altering lyrics when performing live...

Q: Why does it only exists a regular black sleeve for Sub-culture?
A: Apparently the designer of New Order's sleeves, Peter Saville, thought the mix of the song was so crappy that he didn't want to design a sleeve.

Q: Are the 7" and 12" releases from Benelux (BL) Factory Benelux releases?
A: [Frank Brinkhuis] "These 2 were issued by EMI in the Benelux, who at that time were also distributors of Factory Benelux, but I wouldn't call them Factory Benelux releases. Benelux editions of FAC 133, that is what they are. The labels don't have an FBN logo, don't say 'Factory Benelux'. They only say 'A Factory Record FAC 133', 'Biem/Sabam' and 'Made In EEC'"
[Editor's note] The Benelux releases of "State of the Nation" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" are not Factory Benelux either.


Fac 133


RTD 023T Label


Facx 24 Front

Facx 24 Label Back

US 12"

US Acetate


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