Everything's Gone Green

December 1981

   12": BL 1981 (Factory Benelux FBNL 8)
   12": JP 1983 (Crepuscule Au Japon/Shinseido Sirius SC-53)
   CD5: BL 1990 (Factory Benelux FBN 8 CD)
        5:33    Everything's Gone Green
        3:25    Mesh
        3:00    Cries and Whispers

   12": UK 1996 (Internal Records LIARX 32) [released by The Advent]
   CD5: UK 1996 (Internal Records LIECD 32) [released by The Advent]
        5:55    Everything's Gone Green (show me green)
        5:06    Everything's Gone Green (green for help)
        6:11    Everything's Gone Green (green gone hard)
        5:17    Everything's Gone Green (electric green)

- Tracks 2 and 3 are incorrectly named. The correct titles are:
  3:25 "Cries and Whispers", and 3:00 "Mesh".

The computer graphics used on the sleeve was created by Stephen and Gillian. Everything's Gone Green is supposedly the first New Order song to feature computer-generated sounds.

Q: Are The Advent tracks remixes or original material?
A: The Advent did a remix of Everything's Gone Green for The Rest Of but the remix never made it to the album, instead they released the remix as their own single with three additional tracks. The remix was also released on the Volume 15 - Technology Alert! compilation. In the booklet to the compilation, one can read "... their remixes of New Order's Everything's Gone Green - one trance, one techno, one electro and one where it still resembles New Order."

Groove notation:




The Advent


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