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+ Can you make a copy of a track/single/album/video for me?


+ Can I copy the discography information for my own use?

All entries and credits must remain intact. See credits for further information.

+ Why isn't the item I have listed?

Because we may not know about the item. Send the maintainer the details and a scan/photo.

+ Why don't you list all compilations released?

Because that would be a lot of compilations. The policy is to only list compilations that have tracks that haven't been released as a single, only released on vinyl, rare versions and remixes; or compilations that are intended for radio stations and music industry, compilations released with a magazine, or orignal Factory and related compilations. We are even more restrictive when the track is in a DJ mix (sequenced together with other tracks.)

+ Why don't you list all downloads available?

Because that would be a lot of downloads. The policy is to only list downloads that consists of rare or unusual tracks, remixes, and recordings, or downloads uniquely packaged together. Nor do we specify the regions a download is available in.

+ What are the different country codes used?

ABSaudi ArabiaAEUnited Arab Emirates
BEBelgiumBLBenelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)
EUEuropean Union  
HKHong KongHOHolland
NLNetherlandsNZNew Zealand
SASouth AfricaSGSingapore
UAUkraineUKUnited Kingdom
URUruguayUSUnited States of America

+ There do not seem to be that many different European releases recently. Why is that?

The European Union is more like one big market. Media may be pressed in one country and sold in another. Releases that are manufactured in Europe is often listed as EU or UK in the discography.

+ Speaking of releases. What pressing plants did Factory use for its New Order CDs?

Based upon information from "steinomite" and "joe davola", these are the pressing plants used:
MPO France (FR)
  • Movement (pressings from the 1980's)
Nimbus (UK)
  • Movement (pressings from the 1990's)
  • Power, Corruption and Lies
  • Low-Life (later pressings, not the original pressing)
  • Brotherhood
  • Substance
  • Technique
  • Fine Time
  • Round & Round (CD5 and CD3)
  • World in Motion
Denon (JP)
  • Low-Life (original pressing)
  • Blue Monday 1988 (CD and CDV)
  • True Faith CDV

+ What are the different codes used for formats?

7"7 inch single
9"9 inch single
10"10 inch single
12"12 inch single
BETAVideo tape in the Betamax format
CDCompact Disc album
CD33 inch CD single
CD55 inch CD single
CD+GCD+Graphics, commonly used in karaoke systems
CDRRecordable CD
CDVCD Video, a combined technology of CD and LD
CMS"Cassette Maxi Single", comparable to the 12" single
CSCassette album
CSS"Cassette Single", comparable to the 7" single
DATDigital Audio Tape
DLOADDownloadable tracks and albums, e.g. in the mp3 format
LDLaser Disc video
LPVinyl album (Long Play)
REELReel tape, often used for master copies of recordings
VHSVideo tape in the VHS (Video Home System) format

+ What is an acetate?

An acetate is used as the cut prior to the cutting of the master disc. It is often used by the label, engineer, producer, or other party to get an idea of the recording once mass-produced.
Acetates (contains no acetate...) are heavier than vinyl and may smell strange. Acetates also degrade quickly when played.

+ What is WLTP?

WLTP stands for White Label Test Press and is a test pressing of a vinyl record, often given a white label (plain white label or a label from the pressing plant). The WLTP is used to check the quality of the pressing. Sometimes the WLTP is used as a promo. WLTPs with blank or handwritten labels are normally not added to the Discography.

+ What is a flexi?

A flexi disc is a thin vinyl sheet designed to be played on a turntable, but so thin it could easily be distributed with a magazine or such.

+ What is an obi strip?

An obi strip is a strip of paper wrapped around the CD case or LP sleeve (or some other media), most often a release from Japan. The obi strip provides information about the product.

+ The cassettes from Poland (PL) are they official releases?

Well, one might suspect that some/many of them are unofficial... If you have further information regarding this matter, please contact the discography maintainer.

+ Why aren't cassettes released by labels such as: Audio Mast Records, Billboard, Contessa, C.S., King's Technology, Team Records, Thomsun Original, and Music King listed in the Discography?

These cassettes are unofficial (pirate) cassettes, mainly from Indonesia, and therefore not listed. Some of the known releases are:
Audio Mast Records
  • The Very Best of New Order
  • Power, Corruption and Lies (Front)
  • Substance (Front)
King's Technology
  • Very Best of New Order
Team Records
  • Power, Corruption and Lies (Front)
  • Substance (Front)
Thomsun Original
Music King

+ I have never heard of the labels BMG Direct Marketing and Columbia House. What are they?

BMG Direct Marketing and Columbia House are examples of mail-order music clubs. The club manufactures and distributes the records themself to the club members.