Power, Corruption and Lies

Fact 75
May 1983

    LP: AU 1983 (Factory/Gap FACT 75)
    LP: BZ 1983 (WEA 670.4041)
    LP: CA 1983 (PolyGram FACD 11)
    LP: EU 2009 (London Records/Rhino 2564-68880-5) [180-gram vinyl]
    LP: FR 1983 (Virgin 201 946)
    LP: FR 1984 (Virgin 70168)
    LP: GE 1983 (Factory/Rough Trade RTD11)
    LP: GE 1983 (Factory/Rough Trade RTD11A) [testpress] ***
    LP: GR 1983 (Virgin VG50085)
    LP: IT 1983 (Factory/Base FACT 75)
    LP: JP 1983 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YX-7331-AX)
    LP: NL 1983 (Dureco/Factory VR22596)
    LP: NZ 1983 (EMI/GAP EMC199 Code 32)
    LP: SP 1983 (Factory/Nuevos Medios FACT75/33-036)
    LP: SW 1983 (Factory/MNW FACT75)
    LP: UK 1983 (Factory FACT 75)
    LP: US 1983 (Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 12)
    LP: US 1985 (Qwest 9 25308-1)
    LP: US 1983 (The Automatt FACTUS 12) [double sided acetates]
  2xLP: US 1985 (Quest Records) [two one sided acetates]
    LP: US 2009 (Rhino Records R1 25308) [180-gram vinyl]
    CS: AB 19?? (IMD 8712)
    CS: AU 1983 (Factory/Gap FACT 75C)
    CS: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival C30405)
    CS: BZ 1983 (WEA 767.4041)
    CS: CA 198? (PolyGram 834 153-4)
    CS: CA 1983 (PolyGram FACD4-11)
    CS: FR 1983 (Virgin 50168PM403)
    CS: ID 198? (Aquarius Musikindo TC-FACT 75)
    CS: IT 1983 (Factory FACT 7573MC) *
    CS: NZ 1983 (EMI/GAP Factc 75)
    CS: NZ 1983 (EMI/GAP TC-EMC199)
    CS: PH 1989 (Alpha Records FRC-89-3005)
    CS: UK 1983 (Factory FACT 75C) *****
    CS: US 1983 (Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 12C) */****
    CS: US 1985 (Qwest 9 25308-4) *
    CD: AU 1987 (Factory/CBS FACD 75)
    CD: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival D30405)
    CD: AU 2001 (London Records 8573813662)
    CD: CA 198? (PolyGram 834 153-2)
    CD: FR 1986 (Virgin 30212)
    CD: JP 1986 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 33CY-1219)
    CD: JP 1989 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 25CY-3109)
    CD: JP 1993 (Polydor K.K. POCD-1884)
    CD: JP 2000 (EastWest Japan AMCE-6101)
    CD: JP 2005 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-75042)
    CD: PL 198? (Sonic SON 15)
    CD: UK 1986 (Factory FACD 75) +
    CD: UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 019.2)
    CD: UK 2001 (London Records 8573-81366-2)
    CD: UK 2008 (Upfront/Rhino Records UPNORDER01) [promo] ++
    CD: US 1987 (Qwest 9 25308-2) *
    CD: US 19?? (Qwest/BMG Direct Marketing D 102682) *
  REEL: GR 1983 (Factory/Virgin/Advision Sound Studios) [master]
        5:13    Age of Consent
        5:13    We All Stand
        4:36    The Village
        7:28    5 8 6
        7:26    Blue Monday *
        5:58    Your Silent Face **
        4:48    Ultraviolence
        4:24    Ecstasy
        4:38    Leave Me Alone
        7:17    The Beach *

  2xCD: JP 20?? (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13168/9) [first issue] +++
  2xCD: JP 2010 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13583/4) +++
  2xCD: UK 2008 (London Records 2564693698) +++
  2xCD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 516186) +++
 2xCDR: UK 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] +++
 2xCDR: US 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] +++
        [Disc 1]
        5:15    Age of Consent
        5:13    We All Stand
        4:36    The Village
        7:30    5 8 6
        5:58    Your Silent Face
        4:51    Ultraviolence
        4:25    Ecstasy
        4:40    Leave Me Alone
        [Disc 2]
	7:32    Blue Monday (12" version)
	7:22    The Beach (12" version)
	8:15    Confusion (12" version)
	6:38    Thieves Like Us (12" version)
	5:13    Lonesome Tonight (12" version)
	3:57    Murder (12" version)
	6:59    Thieves Like Us (instrumental)
	7:36    Confusion (instrumental)

+     Also as a limited edition with CD car carry case.
++    Free with The Times newspaper October 2008. May be the 2008 remastered
+++   "Collector's Edition" with remastered tracks. The first issue had audio
      problems and was quickly corrected and re-issued.
*     Included on some versions of the album.
**    Also appears on Polish postcard single (B+H Records) [bootleg].
***   Marble vinyl, 250 copies pressed, no picture sleeve. Some sources say
      500 copies.
****  "Your Silent Face" and "Ecstacy" listed as KW1 and Only The Lonely.
***** Original boxed-cassette format with unique packaging deleted.

The painting on the sleeve is "A Basket Of Roses" (1890) by Fantin-LaTour. Peter Saville got the idea after a visit to the National Gallery. Tony Wilson had to call the gallery director for permission to use the image. Tony asked whose painting it was. The director answered: "It belongs to the people of Britain." Tonyís response was: "I believe the people want it." The director then said "If you put it like that, Mr Wilson, Iím sure we can make an exception in this case."

[FAQ] Peter Saville designed a colour code for use on several releases circa-83. The decoder is the wheel design on the reverse of the cover to Power, Corruption and Lies. To clear things up a little, the colour wheel describes the meaning of the coloured squares on (not only) Power Corruption & Lies, (but also) Blue Monday and Confusion.

To decode the wheel, use only the outer two rings. You could divide the outer two rings into full colour, various on green, and various on yellow. The inner segments appear to be meaningless. Start with the full colour sections, the first of which will be the green one... This is 'A'. Work your way clockwise naming each colour the next letter. There are exactly 26 segments around the disc. From 'Z' work back into the full colours, the first of which is '1'. This means that the full green segment is either 'A' or '1', and the colour for 'I' is also that for '9'. [Decorder]

You should be able to decode the squares now. Start with the 5 on the front of Power Corruption & Lies, and you will find (if you have the vinyl) that the first 4 squares spell 'FACT' then next square is divided into two, with the lower half being '7' and the upper half being '5'. Therefore the code is 'FACT 75' which is the Factory number for this release. The code for the CD front cover is 'FACD 75'.

Other codes for the various items having the coloured squares are:

Factory created a sculpture based on Peter Saville's Factory logo (FAC 47) to mark 500,000 sales of FACT 75.

Q: I heard 'Age of Consent' in the movie 'Waynes World II', is that New Order's version?
A: No. New Order's version was planned to be in the movie, but that didn't happen. Apparently the movie producers ran out of money and couldn't pay New Order for the track so a cover version was quickly recorded with studio musicians and used instead.

Q: Why does the groove notation say "Where's Murder?"
A: Murder was originally planned for "Power Corruption and Lies", but due to the limit of 45 minutes on a vinyl album the track was cut and later released on Factory Benelux.

Q: I heard that the 2008 re-master had some sound quality issues that was later fixed. How do I know if I have the corrected CDs or not?
A: One way to check if you have a fixed CD is to look at the matrix on the inner spine of the CD. If the number ends with "V02" then you have a fixed CD. For "Power Corruption and Lies" at least the second disc has been fixed.

Q: Are the vocoder parts of Ecstasy the same as on The Beach?
A: [Al Ferrier] "Ecstacy features the same EMS vocoder they used on The Beach. Apparently it was very unreliable - a lot of their gear was dodgy then - and the only times it worked long enough to record to tape was when Ecstacy and The Beach were being recorded. It then stopped working and, even though they spent loads on getting it repaired, it never worked again!"

Groove notation:




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