Get Ready

August 2001

    LP: GE 2001 (London 8573 89621-1)
    CS: GE 2001 (London 8573 89621-4)
    CS: GE 2001 (WEA ???) [promo]
    CS: JP 2001 (Warner) [promo]
    CS: PH 2001 (London Records 8573896214)
    CS: TH 2001 (London Records 8573896214)
    CS: UK 2001 (London 8573 89621-4)
    CD: AR 2001 (Warner Argentina 8573 89621-2)
    CD: AU 2001 (WEA/London 8573 89621-2) **
    CD: AU 2001 (Elektra NEOR1) [promo]
    CD: BZ 2001 (Warner do Brazil 3 89621-2)
    CD: CA 2001 (Warner Music Canada/WEA 89621-2)
    CD: FR 2001 (WEA/London 8573 89621-2) ***
    CD: GE 2001 (WEA/London 8573 89621-2) ****
    CD: GE 2001 (WEA ???) [promo]
    CD: JP 2001 (EastWest WPCR-11074) *
    CD: KO 2001 (Warner Korea ???)
    CD: MA 2001 (Warner Music 8573896212)
    CD: RU 2001 (Nikitin 4670001541756)
    CD: SG 2001 (Warner Singapore 8573 89621-2)
    CD: TW 2001 (Warner 8573 89621-2)
    CD: UK 2001 (London Records 90 Ltd 8573 89621-2)
    CD: UK 2001 (London Records NO-PRO-1) [promo]
    CD: US 2001 (Reprise 8573 89621-2)
    CD: US 2001 (Reprise 2A-47962-A) [promo]
    CD: US 2001 (Reprise 2A-89621-B) [promo]
    CD: US 2001 (Reprise 2A-89621-C) [promo]
   CDR: AU 2001 (WEA/London) [promo]
   CDR: BL 2001 (Warner Music Benelux ) [promo]
   CDR: DK 2001 (Warner Music) [promo]
   CDR: GE 2001 (WEA Records) [promo]
   CDR: GE 2001 (WEA Records/London) [promo] +++++
   CDR: UK 2001 (London Records) [promo] +++
   CDR: UK 2001 (London Records) ["EQ'd 4/7/01"] [promo]
   CDR: US 2001 (Reprise 2-89621) [promo]
   CDR: US 2001 (Warner/Chappell) [promo]
   CDR: US 2001 (Fox Music) [promo]
        6:51    Crystal
        4:34    60 Miles an Hour
        5:05    Turn My Way
        5:40    Vicious Streak
        5:43    Primitive Notion
        4:53    Slow Jam
        4:12    Rock the Shack
        5:42    Someone Like You
        4:13    Close Range
        3:57    Run Wild
        5:24    Behind Closed Doors *

   CDR: AU 2001 (London/WEA) ["2001 Not Final"] [promo]
   CDR: UK 2001 (London Records) ["2001 Not Final"] [promo]
        4:19    Crystal 
        4:33    60 mph
        5:13    Shipwreck [Turn My Way]
        6:43    Vicious Streak
        4:36    Dream On (not final) [Close Range]
        6:25    Freefall [Someone Like You]
        4:47    Sabotage
        5:35    Field [Player in the League]
        5:55    Run Wild [Primitive Notion]
        5:31    Slow Jam
        4:13    Full Circle (not final) [Run Wild]

   CDR: UK 2001 (London Records 90 Ltd) [promo] *****
   CDR: US 2001 (Reprise Records) [promo]
        4:22    Crystal
        4:39    60 Miles an Hour
        5:18    Turn My Way
        6:48    Vicious Streak
        4:20    Nothing's Gonna Change [Close Range]
        6:28    Someone Like You
        4:50    Sabotage [a.k.a. Run This River Dry]
        5:36    Player in the League
        5:57    Primitive Notion
        5:33    Slow Jam
        5:00    Rock The Shack *****
        4:00    Run Wild

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros.) [promo]
        4:34    60 mph
        5:57    Run Wild [Primitive Notion]
        4:42    Dream On [Close Range]
        5:33    Slow Jam
        5:13    Shipwreck of a Broken Man [Turn My Way]
        6:45    Vicious Streak
        7:20    Crystal
        5:40    Field [Player in the League]
        4:50    Sabotage
        4:10    Full Circle [Run Wild]
        6:39    Freefall [Someone Like You]
        4:19    Crystal-Edit

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros.) ["Album Mixes"] [testpress, May 2001]
                60 mph (mix 2)
                Run Wild (mix 3) [Primitive Notion]
                Dream On (original mix) [Close Range]
                Freefall (mix 2) [Someone Like You]
                Slow Jam (mix 4)
                Shipwreck (mix 2) [Turn My Way]
                Vicious Streak (mix 3)
                Field (mix 1 vox up) [Player in the League]
                Sabotage (recall from submix)
                Full Circle (mix 2) [Run Wild]

   CDR: US 2001 (London Records) ["2001 (Not Final)"] [promo]
        4:39    60 mph
        5:57    Primitive Notion
        4:38    Close Range
        6:28    Someone Like You
        5:33    Slow Jam
        5:18    Turn My Way
        6:48    Vicious Streak
        7:20    Crystal
        5:36    Player in The League
        4:50    Run This River dry [Sabotage]
        4:00    Run Wild

   CDR: US 2000 (Warner Bros./Reprise Records) ["3 Tracks"] [testpress] +
                60 mph (monitor mixes / steve osborne session)
                Crystal (monitor mixes / steve osborne session)

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros./Reprise Records) ["Selected Tracks"] [testpress]
        4:43    60 mph (dk 2 mix)
        4:29    Crystal (edit)
        8:12    True Faith (philip steir's re-order mix)

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros./Reprise Records) ["4 Tracks"] [testpress]
        4:19    Crystal
        4:33    60 mph
        4:47    Sabotage
        5:05    Shipwreck [Turn My Way]

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros./Reprise) ["Work in Progress"] [testpress]
        5:35    Shipwreck of a Broken Man [Turn My Way]

    CD: GE 2001 (London Records/WEA PROP 06700) [promo]
        1:30    Crystal
        1:30    Turn My Way
        1:30    Someone Like You
        1:30    Run Wild
        1:30    60 mph
        1:28    Blue Monday
        1:30    True Faith
        1:30    Regret
        1:29    World in Motion
        1:30    Bizarre Love Triangle ('94 version)

    CD: GR 2001 (Warner Music Greece PRO 170) [promo]
        4:19    Crystal
        7:29    Blue Monday
        5:55    True Faith
        3:27    Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]

    CD: US 2001 (Reprise PRO-CD-100782) [promo]
    CD: US 2001 (Warner PR02704) ["Interview 2001"] [promo]
   CDR: US 2001 (Qwest) [promo]
       43:41    [Interactive Interview] ++

   CDR: US 2001 (Reprise) ["Words and Music"] [promo] ++++
       39:57    [Interview]

-     Released in October in the USA.
+     CDR was created June 16, 2000.
++    The timing is actually 37:34.
+++   Released with three slightly different sleeves.
++++  The band talks about life, the universe, and everything, including:
      Close Range, Turn My Way, Slow Jam, Primitive Notion, Bizarre Love
      Triangle, Crystal, Vicious Streak, 60 Miles an Hour, and Blue Monday.
+++++ "Primitive Notion" listed with running time 5:18. Actual time not
*     Included on some releases.
**    Sold in combination with T-Shirt, key-chain, or video ("The Videos").
      Also released in a 2-CD box-set (5101 10814-2) together with "Low-Life".
***   Available on FNAC as a limited edition of 2000 in combination with
      comic booklet.
****  Sold at HMV and comes with a 16-page booklet with a complete
      discography. Promoted with a flat card, PROP 05229.

Q: What's up with the album cover?
A: Take it for what it is, the following was written by Peter Saville in Q Magazine's issue about the 100 best record covers:
"Now a New Order album is coming up and it poses an interesting set of problems for me. What is a New Order cover in 2001?
It has been suggested we shouldn't do one at all - as New Order's covers are known for being leading edge and as print is no longer as ground-breaking as multi-media, then perhaps we should just put something on the internet - nevertheless, we will still need something physical to put in someone's hand.
Overall, sleeve design is healthier today. It used to be awful and now, when you look through the record racks, it's a lot better. The designer Michael Peters, who led the way in consumer packaging design in this country, once asked me what my goals were as a designer. I said something ambitious such as, 'I'd like to make the UK look much better'. He said, 'My ambition is to make fish finger packaging just ten percent better'. As the years have gone by, I've understood what he meant. That if you can make something as generic as fish finger packaging as much as ten percent better in your lifetime, then that's really as much as you can hope to do. If we look in any music store today, the standard of sleeve design is so much better than it was 20 years ago. People care about the total package now and if they resort to the classic 'portrait on the cover', then they aspire to greater quality - that's something, isn't it?"

Q: Who is on the cover of the album?
A: The German actress Nicolette Krebitz.

Q: Who assembled the excellent discography that comes with the German pressing?
A: We are not sure but it seems as if that person really likes this Discography...

Q: I have seen different colors of the stripes on the CD. What's up with that?
A: Apparently promo copies of the album come with a red stripe, whereas all other releases come with a green stripe.

Q: I have heard about an official live recording of the Area:One show in Los Angeles, what's the story?
A: There is a CDR with the live show at the Area:One festival in California, August 5, 2001, see the scan. However, the CDR, "Area One Tour - Live In LA", is a privately made CDR from a common bootleg.

Q: Are the version on the US CDR, "Album Mixes", different from the regular album?
A: [Mark Reed]


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