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Police Academy

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The Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy (NCLEA) at Niagara University is a partnership between the Niagara County Sheriff’s Department (main office), Niagara Falls Police Department and Niagara University’s Criminal Justice and External Programs departments. Administered through external programs, the academy trains currently hired, sworn officers and has been approved by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to train pre-employment recruits. It is designed for current civilians throughout New York state who are interested in entering the law enforcement field.

Pre-Employment Recruits (PERs) - Part-Time Academy

Pre-employment recruits are current civilians or non-sworn personnel who are interested in entering into law enforcement as police officers in New York state. The program does not guarantee employment into a police department, but every standard, including physical fitness, attendance, and academics, applies to this program.

NEXT PRE-EMPLOYMENT ACADEMY START DATE: FALL 2021 (Applications will not be accepted until early summer 2021)

Sworn Police Officers (SPOs) - Full Time Academy

Currently hired officers though law enforcement departments that are required to complete their training in the academy. SPOs are generally full-time employees in their respective agencies and may or may not enroll in the credit option offered through the criminal justice program at Niagara University.