My Master Transition

by Rachel Berard on May 4, 2017
My Master Transition

Rachel Berard is a student in the master of business administration program with a focus in human resources and strategic management. She is also a graduate assistant in the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

Prior to commencing my MBA program at Niagara University, I pondered my ensuing transition and what it would entail. Would it be frustrating or trying? Would it be remarkably dissimilar from my previous schooling? These were questions I was about to derive for myself. 

Upon my arrival to Graduate Orientation, I was admittedly timid. That was until I began speaking to professors and students from within the graduate programs. The atmosphere and camaraderie here at Niagara University is like that of no other institution. Individuals in every position desire to assist students and service them in becoming this generation’s finest scholars and leaders.

The day of my first course had arrived. Once again, my unrest had set in. As I looked around, I observed joyful and enthusiastic faces, including that of the professor. As the lecture began, I understood the rationale behind everyone’s exuberant demeanor. The instructor, along with classmates of all backgrounds, discussed their experiences pertaining to the seminar. The learning experience was exceptional.

To this day, I excitedly attend classes at Niagara University knowing that the knowledge I will gain is extraordinarily invaluable.   

My transitional experience into graduate school at Niagara University was that of ease. I hastily comprehended that my apprehensions were unwarranted. After the completion of my MBA at NU, I truly feel that I will very much be able to succeed in leadership roles and future employment positions.

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