My First "Real Interview"

My First "Real Interview"

My undergraduate degree is in English education and special education, so I knew that I wanted to substitute teach shortly after I received my certification.

Since then, I have applied for two substitute teaching positions, both of which were on a “day-by-day” basis versus being long-term positions. When I went to both interviews, I was sure to dress very appropriately. I wore dress pants to the interviews, but pencil skirts are okay, too!

When I arrived at the interviews, I was sure to shake everyone’s hand in the room, and give a firm handshake while doing so. I then sat down and they asked me a list of questions, such as what qualities and skills I possessed that would make me a positive and effective substitute teacher. I was sure to answer each question using direct eye contact, and giving the faculty answers I knew exemplified what I had learned here at Niagara. I also brought several copies of my resume to each interview, so that I could pass them out to each person in the room. Bringing several copies of your resume is important, especially if there are multiple people interviewing you!

Before I left, the interviewer informed me that if I was to get a substitute teaching position, I would be notified either by phone call or letter. I stood up and was sure to thank each person in the room for the interview, as well as offer a second firm handshake to show that I was really focused on getting the position!

Be yourself in an interview and be confident in what you know - you know more than you think you do!