My Experience as a New Professor at Niagara University

My Experience as a New Professor at Niagara University

I joined the faculty in the clinical mental health counseling program in August 2014. Since my arrival, I have taught five classes in the counseling program. Classes include Introduction to Counseling, Counseling Process, Family Counseling, Mental Health Practicum, and Mental Health Internship.

I have the opportunity to welcome students to the counseling program in Introduction to Counseling and the privilege to witness the transformation that takes place at the end program in the internship classes.

There are so many wonderful things about being a professor at Niagara University.

The first reason I enjoy being at NU is because of the STUDENTS! They are committed, engaged and excited to be in classes.

I LOVE teaching and mentoring students. Teaching is a privilege and I do so with great humility, appreciation and recognition that learning is a complex process that is individual-, content- and context-specific. I am collaborative and supportive as an educator; however, I have high expectations of my students and believe that they should have high expectations of me as well. Learning is fun and I believe that this translates in my classroom.

The second reason I enjoy working at NU is because of the staff and faculty. There is a strong sense of commitment and cohesion among colleagues. This promotes collaboration, innovation and dedication across the university. I have had the opportunity to work with both staff and faculty from multiple departments, which has ultimately led to the enhancement of classroom experiences for my students. I value community in and out the classroom.

Lastly, there is a strong sense of community on the NU campus. I refer to this as school climate or school culture. There is a powerful positive culture that exists on NU’s campus. I’m not sure that this can be measured, but certainly is something that you FEEL as a new person on campus.

NU is a very special place and I’m honored to be a faculty member at this institution! I look forward to a very long and full career as a counselor educator in the clinical mental health counseling program at NU.