M.S. Ed Theatre Education & Teaching Certification

As one of the oldest professional theatre training programs in the region, Niagara University is well-known for preparing students for careers that take them anywhere from Broadway to Hollywood. Now we’ve partnered with Niagara’s internationally renowned College of Education to create a truly one of a kind graduate program in Theatre Education!

The M.S. Ed. in Theatre Education is a 39-credit hour specialized program intended for individuals who have completed extensive study in the field of theatre, and are not currently certified to teach. The pathway of this program also leads to initial Certification in New York State for teaching Theatre in grades Pre-K through Grade 12.

Student currently enrolled in one of our BFA Theatre programs, after acceptance into the program, can begin their graduate coursework for this program as early as their junior year, with the cost of those 4 graduate courses covered in the undergraduate block tuition.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must complete a graduate application through the College of Education during the spring semester of your sophomore year. For more information on the application, please contact Tammy Bruno or Saima Horab in the College of Education.

Application Pre-Requisites

  1. 3.00 cumulative GPA
  2. SAT/ACT of 50% or higher (An in-house exam can be provided for those who have not complete the SAT/ACT previously)
  3. 3.00 cumulative GPA in the Theatre major
  4. Letter of Recommendation


For current matriculated students in the undergraduate BFA Theatre programs, up to 4 graduate classes (12 credit hours) can be taken through junior and senior years.  If a current student is beginning graduate coursework in the Fall semester of their junior year, they will be eligible to take one graduate class per semester. If a current student begins the graduate coursework after that time, these courses can be doubled up. The following courses may be applied to the General Education side of the curriculum card.


  • EDU 523 – Cultural Foundations of Education 
  • EDU 536 – Human Learning, development and motivation
  • EDU 530 – Managing Culturally Responsive classrooms
  • EDU 571 – Foundations of Literacy Instruction, or EDU  539 – Characteristics of Students with Exceptional Needs

Upon completion of undergraduate coursework, and the above graduate courses, the student will remain matriculated for one more year, with additional graduate coursework in the Fall and student teaching assignments in the Spring. 


Students pursuing the M.S. Ed in Theatre Education may receive certification in a second academic area if they have completed 30 credit hours in that academic area. Know that General Education course work can help fulfill this opportunity. Please inform your advisor when you apple to the program to prepare for this option.


All coursework completed during the student’s time as an undergraduate, including the four graduate courses discussed above, are covered under the block tuition. Graduate courses are charged per credit hour, rather than block tuition. Prospective students can apply for a theatre scholarship to help assist with graduate tuition. 

Additionally, the College of Education has a partnership with Buffalo and Niagara Falls School Districts allowing student teachers to be employed as substitute teachers. These positions provide $110 per day and a 25% discount on graduate tuition. The application process for these positions takes time, so be sure to inquire early with your graduate education advisor. 

For additional information or any questions, please contact Terri Vaughan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Theatre & Fine Arts at email.