Program Information

The minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies requires a minimum of five courses chosen from a minimum of two different departments. No more than three courses may be taken from one department. The courses that the students can choose from are listed below. Relevant special topics courses, study abroad courses, and new courses may be accepted towards the minor upon the approval of the program coordinator.

  • ARA 101 Elementary Arabic I
  • ARA 102 Elementary Arabic II
  • ARA 200 Contemporary Arabic Culture
  • HIS 371 The Middle East
  • HIS 372 The Modern Middle East
  • HIS 361 Ottomans & Modern Turkey
  • HIS 285 Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • HIS 222 Rivalries: Central Asia/Afghanistan
  • POL 376 Political Systems of the Middle East
  • REL 211 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures
  • REL 219 The First Christians and the New Testament
  • REL 308 Judaism and Islam
  • REL 315 Prophecy in Ancient Israel
  • REL 370 Introduction to Islam