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Mentor Program

A Whole New Mentorship Program

You spoke and we listened!

As you all may recall, the mentorship committee issued a survey last fall to learn if having a mentorship program was of interest and, if yes, what was the ideal format that you would find engaging. Over the last five months, the mentorship committee has taken the feedback and created a new format that we hope will provide you the interactions that you want from a mentor, but in a more relaxed and less structured environment.

The Details

The basis of the program is to match up your needs and interests with a mentor that deliver on these specific needs and interests. From that point forward, you and the mentor are on your own to create your ideal program.

The mentorship committee will then use the data from the submissions to match up the mentee and the mentor as closely as possible. You will then be notified of your mentor. The mentor will reach out to you to initiate the conversation. We are encouraging as many mentors as possible to attend Alumni Advantage in October in order to have a chance to meet you personally. While we cannot guarantee everyone will meet their mentor at this time, that is the intent.