Meet the Spring 2013 Phonathon Student Callers

Name Class year Major
Jillian Barrett
Shannon Beebe
Communications/ Marketing
Ashley Brown
Sophomore Social Work
Alexei Carstensen
Junior Theatre
Stephanie Chapman
Freshman Early Childhood Education
Maia Cooke
Junior Tourism
Amanda Donahue
Sophomore Business Management
Leah Fritz
Sophomore Marketing
Ashton Gandy
Sophomore Special Education
Emily Gibson
Freshman Hospitality Management
Emily Giess Sophomore Elementary / Special Education
Maria Halstead Sophomore Accounting
Chris Anthony Hidalgo                
Freshman Academic Exploration Program
Sarah Joslin
Freshman Early Childhood Education / Special Education
Kristin King
Sophomore Biology
Anthiny Kondrk
Tiffany Kwiatkowski Junior 1-6 Special Education, English
Ian LaLonde Freshman Theatre Performance/ Political Science
Kendyl Litwiller
Junior Theatre / English
Karra Mancini
Freshman 1-6 Special Education
Amber Markham
Junior Psyhcology
Emily McClintock
Freshman Education 7-12 English / Special Education
Tyler-Marie Morancey Sophomore Hotel Management
Curtis Noi Freshman Computer Information Science
Makayla Olden Junior Special Education 7-12, English
Lizbeth Ortiz Senior Psychology / Spanish
Iesha Reid Junior Social Sciences
Brianna Ritchie Sophomore Biology
Jenna Roberts Freshman Hotel / Restaurant Management
Taylor Roberts Sophomore Spanish / Special Education
Alonson Scriven Junior Finance
Melissa   Shafer Senior Social Work / Sociology
Matthew Stapleton
Junior Business Management
Daniel Urtz Junior Theatre Performance
Richard Vogt
Junior Theatre Performance
Erin Walsh
Junior Marketing
Garrett Weaver Sophomore Criminal Justice
Olivia Wood Junior Biology (Pre-med)

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